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L2S #41 Ilaya, Modern Couture, LoQ for Limited Bazaar

Saturday evening is well underway and I’m ready for a night out on the town! (Cha, yeah right.. As If?!)

Limited Bazaar has started their latest cycle and the theme is “Chinoiserie”:
“An interpretation of classic, traditional Asian style and a little bit of flair”~.

Here’s a neat article about the history behind this style 🙂 

Hope you all have a chance to get your Limited item, and remember, only 100 copies are available for each of the pieces that are sold at less than 150L! What a grande deal eh?

Hop in Da Taxi!!

Featured Items:
Ilaya Asia Jacket by Ilaya Allen for Ltd Bazaar
coldLogic’s black Jeggings (yeah jeggings with the jacket.. I couldn’t find a decent match up for a ‘pant’ suit type of look, oi vey
Modern Couture’s Kaiji Earrings for Ltd Bazaar
LoQ Chinese Hair (FatPack) for Ltd Bazaar
*Pure Poison’s Persia Clutch in black and gold
Ryvolter Ulla Translucent Pumps
Glam Affair’s Katya in america
Slink Casual mesh Hands
Flair Nail Add on (for Slink Av/e) #107
Essences Hangover Eyeliner #3
Pose: Ilaya femme #3



  1. Psst… I just bought the PC Minecraft. HOW DO YOU CONTROL YOUR CAMERA? It’s so different from SL! 😛 I can’t take a decent picture to save my blockheaded life!


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