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Notre Dame Cathedral, Oasis

This week’s Second Life Travel 52 Challenge takes us to the land of Oasis, featuring this fantastic replica of The Notre Dame Cathedral.

While the exterior a wonder to behold, I wanted to share the more obscure pieces that captured my attention during my tour. So I hope you enjoy and feel free to join the virtual travel troupe here!

SL Travel 52 Challenge
SL Travel 52 Challenge Flickr Pool
Notre Dame Cathedral, Oasis

Dress: Myeongwol Modern Hanbok dress by Senzafine 
Hair: Larnia by Tableau Vivant
Skin: Mary (Light) by Glam Affair
Lashes: Falsies by Mon Cheri
Necklace- The Forge‘ Boadicea
Earrings- Senzafine’s Lokii Teardrop earrings
Headband- Zenith’s Peacock Feather’s Earthstone
Poses: Kirin’s Poses and Le Poppycock various



  1. *word of advice from ye old cathedral builder This place takes great advantage of maxing out your graphics settings. If you push it to ultra, do. That’ll help to fill in all the gaps n’ things.


    • thanks for visiting and thank you for the tip! I did push it to ultra actually, however the resolution I took some of the images were at 4000×2024… so I might just take myself over there with a different machine at home and see if I can go a higher..


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