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SL Travel 52 Challenge

The Beguiled: Art Gallery and Studio

PurpleButterfly Lykin!! I could hug all the shiny out of you 😀 Ever been in that state of mind where you think you can fit one more thing on your proverbial plate? Only to wake up the next morning (or night) with that “what the truck” look on your face? I’m so there.

So I’ve scaled back and have joined Purple in her quest to travel the grid in search of all that remains of the wonderment that is Second Life. And very thankful too! Check out the link to the official challenge and hope some of you join in!

This morning, the Linden Endowment of the Arts lost one of their original members, Bryn Oh. Of course only in a positional sense hehe.  Here is the link to her article posted this morning.

A part of me wants to keep the rose colored glasses on, another part of me reads the more meatier articles (like this) and come crashing back to a so called reality. The reality that many of our regions are closing, and that many of our older, more experienced residents are moving to other grids. And I say so called reality, probably because those ‘glasses’ are permanently etched on my face.

Look, like many of you all, I come almost daily to this world because it is the best of the best. And the more I read about the eventuality of SL’s ‘downfall’, even more so, do I watch, read and come in contact with those who have permanently etched ‘glasses’ like myself, who are stubborn enough to learn a new skill and make their creative mark, always paying their respects to those who have gone before and always paving the way for future residents.

I’d like to think this realm will be here when my kids are old enough. They use me as a shoulder rest, while I take my avatar to places like this Art Gallery. They watch as I play with this awesome thing called windlight, and wonder how an xml file could have that kind of visual effect on a 3d virtual environment. They marvel along side with me at content, fashion, landscaping, animals, everything! And wonder how they could do that themselves. “No its not like COD or LoL, or WoW, or Minecraft kids…” (though the last one is debatable) 

They also listen when I tell them, that artists come to this ‘game’, this virtuality, to create and share their vision, only to have it exploited by the very company that allows them to do so. Oh yes, it gets pretty gritty on the other side of the lenses. But in the end, the technology, coupled with accessibility proves too tempting and Second Life becomes relevant once again.

I have other ‘lives’ in other worlds as well, but none so active and ‘visceral’ as the Wendz in SL. Since the implementation of the current TOS, I have thought about, pondered, and observed the effects over SL and its residents. I guess its a matter of, I hear the outcry, yet hopeful there will be a work around or even more better, a complete rewrite. Who knows.. why am I rambling?? Someone pass me a yummi bear :/

I do know, that its time for this library to close, and we’re ready to go home 😉 So thanks for sticking with me through all the gibberish and woe be gones… Do take the time to visit The Beguiled Art Gallery at Kakapo, the gardens are splendid and there’s so much to see!

Aloha till next time 🙂

SL Travel 52 Challenge
SL Travel 52 Challenge Flickr Pool



  1. purplebutterflylykin says

    Like you my children also sit at my elbow watching the wonderment that can be discovered within SecondLife. I too read the doom and gloom of the demise of SecondLife and like all things, the world has changed, is changing and will continue to change.

    One thing I am confident of is that creative people gravitate to SecondLife and there will always be an abundance of visual treats for us to enjoy. Actually visiting that which is created and providing feedback are two ways that residents of SecondLife can ensure that artists remain with us. Of course Linden Labs lowering the ridiculous cost of tier would be another helpful step but they are a business and business practise is to secure profits.

    Always think about throwing some lindens into a donation pot. Unlike material objects such as when we buy a dress or shoes often without thinking about our linden balance, too often we forget to just leave a small token linden thank you when visiting an artistic or live music venue. These people pay to keep their sim’s available for us to enjoy. Owners of live music venue’s pay rather a large sum to bring you each and every performer so even the smallest of tips helps balance the costs.

    Thanks for joining the Travel 52 Challenge, it should be so much fun sharing our explorations and discoveries!


    • Yes! every little bit helps. Visiting venues with live performances is another part of SL I enjoy too and spot on with pointing it out!!


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