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Travel 52 SL- Santos-Dumont Park, Babbage Square

Thought I’d try yet another blog challenge. But this one isn’t directly related to fashion although, we gots to have us some pretties to look at right? 365 places to visit in this wonderful virtual world we call Second Life, each and everyday for a year. Let’s see if this makes it to the end of the month at least -.-

I don’t quite know much about the New Babbage Project (yet), but judging (and I say that loosely) from their website, it is a thriving, busy, and very active role-playing community on the grid. They’re very friendly to snapshoter ers… and there are shops, info kiosks, trains, ships.. AIRships.. ships galore! Be sure to peruse through their site, they even have  e-books for sale authored by their residents.

Here’s a great intro to this wonderful (new to me) discovery that entails the dark, the ‘sooty’, a city wrapped in the enigma of the Victorian Era Steampunk era … (its a movement right? genre… its a good watch regardless)

Thanks for stopping by on your busy travels 😀

City of New Babbage on the Web
New Babbage on Youtube
New Babbage Wiki on SL Wikia
City of New Babbage Facebook

Pale Empress’ Airship | Velvet | Pink  (Previous Clockwork Spiral)
May’s Soul chain collar Suala Shoulder rare gacha for Fantasy Gacha Fair
House of Rain‘s She Ring (Previous Clockwork Spiral)
AZE Jewelry Designs’ Pearl w/ gold leather necklace by Amilia Zabaleta (subscriber gift)
ContraptioN Eye Implant | gunmetal | by Faust Steamer (Previous Clockwork Spiral)
Epoque Metal Petal Ring
O.M.E.N Spring Bee Gem Hair Clip by DamascusVera
Magic Nook‘ Vintage Watch Necklace by Ayumi Cassini
Belleza Leila Skin | Pale for Collabor88
Exile Sugar High hair
Ikon Perspective Eyes | storm
Maxi Gossamer Groomed eyelashes
Candy Nails (prim) #P000 Basic Pink #2
Poses: Ma Vie, oOo Studios, Le Poppycock
Windlight- Annan Adored Dusty (fyi Annan has just released some of her latest Windlight Settings for this year.. do be sure to visit! Can’t wait to try them wooohoo!)
Location- Santos-Dumont Park, Babbage Square of New Babbage Sims“Named in honor of the Brazilian aviation pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont, who designed, built, and flew one of the first practical dirigibles.”



  1. purplebutterflylykin says

    Love the photos and wow what a challenge! Love the idea of the challenge but know I totally couldn’t find a new location AND post pictures every day. Thinking I might try a revised idea of maybe 52 for one a week for the year .. at least then might have a slim chance of achieving that challenge. Good luck with your 364 to go !!!


    • I think 52 is a whole lot more doable than everyday too..there were several weekly ones I wanted to try too.. still pondering this ideer ❤ ty for the welly wishes!


      • purplebutterflylykin says

        Just put together a 52 week idea Bumblebee. .. IM me inworld if you get the chance 🙂


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  3. I’d definitely jump on the 52/year challenge 🙂 I tend to visit a new place once a week anyway, but don’t necessarily blog them. Sounds like a good reason enough as any, thanks for the idea!


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