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Secret Truths

Secret Truth by Bumblebee

The evening stars, negate the dark
Sharing their never ending light.
A glimmer here, a sparkle there
The evening stars smile tonight.

They bring with them, a calm that stems,
from a hope and joy beyond our skies.
Through time, they’ve watched with a knowing look,
for the Truth, the darkness tries to hide.

They see inside the rooms of my heart
the doors that have no lock and key.
They watch and ponder, and look through each chamber
at what I have placed so intricately.

A few trinkets, a few treasures, things I thought
were eternal pleasures.
I collected, I buried, I hoarded with nary a measure.

The rooms of my heart, these stars are peering in
To see the substance of my being.
Will I stand, will I falter, when the time has come
for my revealing?

At last the greatest room, the farthest from all reach
They halt at a caution, a wall that has been breached!

They cannot tell when they crossed that marked and crowded threshold,
For surrounding their sight, is a glorious light, piercing, dividing from days of old.

And so you see, the Secret Truth, was never really hidden.
The Love that is Light, His greatest treasure, I chose over that which was forbidden.
The law told me to stay in my closet, away from curious eyes.
But the nature of Light, and abiding Love is still  available to hungry cries.


Originally posted:
The Writer’s Block Challenge Chapter 5
Topic: Caution, I am a closet – The Writer’s Block Challenge

Top- bonne chance’ Over the Rainbow Short in ivory by vitamingirl
Skirt- bonne chance’ Petite baby skirts for The Dressing Room
Shoes- Ingenue Pickford Heels
Hat- bonne chance’ Juliet Hair (only hat) rare Gacha (BCC mainstore)
Necklace- Milk Motion Word Necklace- Truth Gacha (Previous Chapter Four)
Skin- Glam Affair Angelica
Eyes- Ikon Perspective Eyes in storm for TLC’s The Boutique
Hands/Feet- Slink mesh av/e Casual and Med. Barefeet
Stockings- SYSY’s Stockings (for Slink av/e)
Hair- Truth Hawk’s Mallory
Poses- oOo Studio
Location- Time Photo Exhibition by Rira Quintessa @ EternalS Photogallery (Sept. 26th till Oct. 10th)



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