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Access Your Eyes ~ Chaos, Panic, Disorder!

So shiny, so beautifully crafted, is this Walking Stick by Lilah Munster of Chaos, Panic & Disporder. So mesmerizing. In fact I spent a good deal of time admiring it, I had an 80% chance of missing dinner -.-

The Explorer’s Goggles, the Walking Stick, these were some of the items on sale (for donation) this past weekend at A Clockwork Spiral, and hopefully some of you had a chance to go. The total amount that was raised totaled over $1K USD ! Sooo awesome, way to go everyone!

I did visit CPD’s main store to see if these items were available or were going to be released, but it looks like a notecard or email is the best way to contact. If anyone knows ahead of time, feel free to reply in the comment box 😀

Do click on the links if you’d like more information about the content featured today and as always, aloha till next time 🙂

Featured Items:
Chaos, Panic, Disorder’s Explorer’s Goggles by Lilah Munster (previous item from A Clockwork Spiral).. Not sure yet whether these items will be available at the main store in the future, but will find out..
Chaos, Panic, Disorder’s A Clockwork Spiral Walking Stick (see above)
*Azoury’s Heima Purse in Caramel for L’accessoires
Kosh Lor Bracelet VIP Gift – Store is currently under construction! 
Kosh Blooming Rust Bracelets – VIP Gift
Ison’s Hawkin Boots in mustard (previous Arcade Gacha Prize)
Soothe‘s Down Feather Vest for Chapter Four
Leezu’s Indiana Tic Toc Pants
Slink Bag and Elegant1 Mesh Hands
Flair Nail Hud Add On #144 for My Attic @ The Deck
Belleza’s Leila Pale #1 for Collabor88
Magika Hair, Take
Ikon Vanity Eyes, Glen
Poses: oOo Studio Fever
Windlight: Bryn Oh’s BLUNIVERSE

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I do this really neat thing with my ears.


  1. Scarlett says

    Azoury has always been a fave of mine was debating the purse this round but seeing it not on the box makes me want it more,,,,woot go you! Now, if you’ll excuse me I having loads of (more) shopping to do!


  2. Scarlett says

    well i say go you, simply cause you have whipped me into another shoppin frenzy…granted its not tooo hard to do buttt you know


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