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Flight of the Bumblebee ~ Surrealism Challenge

Flight of the Bumblebee by Bumblebee (Wendz)

Precariously perched with perfunctory precision,
This silly sentimental sanguine is driven.
The Four winds feed off of the flustering little whimsy,
and whisper, “Girlfriend, you are in a tizzy!

“Look at you! Are you mocking bird’s flight,
Ain’t you the uppity chile’, who thinks she can fly!
See now the ground and the fathoms below,
When the line breaks, chile’ death is at your door!”

Alas the daughter descends from above
Thinking thoughts to calm her inner dove.
The winds, they sing, they chuckle, they speak
My dang, but they be so annoyingly bleak!

Enough! She stomps, she gathers her courage now.
She shakes a mighty fist, bellows a thunderous plow
“Ye ole’ hags, ye of gossip, gore and shame,
Ain’t you so brave to be callin’ me such names?

“I know your secrets, I hear your cackling tongues
Why, I even know the One who gave you your begun!
So shash yo’ mouths, and get a load of my wings,
See how they be shining and glimmering these things?

I have secrets, I have dreams…
Why, I even know the One who gave me my begins!
Plain as the apple in my pixelated mouth..
I am determined to flock with the flockers flying south!”

She bows, she twirls, she closes her eyes,
the winds are shamed, coz she is so fly!
They whisper, they sing, they giggle at her things,
“We have decided, to be your  sidekick beings!”

A cheer is heard! They relish with glee!
Who said dreams had to end with a bump on the knee?
Rolling on my side, I awaken to day’s fading light….
OH EM GEE, WHAT THE TRUCK?? Was I supposed to go to work tonight?

The End.

Hope you all enjoyed! Aloha till next time 😀

Strawberry Singh’s Surrealism Challenge.. you can do it too! 

Tee*fy Vanishing Cloud Dress for Designers United
Glam Affair Essential Wings Bronzed
Maitreya Hera Skull for Designers United
*22769 the Engineer black glasses (previous L’acessoires item)
*Azoury’s Miele Necklace for L’accessoires September
Slink Mesh Casual hands and Med. Barefeet
Izzie Button’s Metallic Nail HUD for Slink Nails
Pink Fuel’s Porcelain Skin (Love Donna Flora)
Ikon Ascension Eyes in black
Tableau Vivant Needful Things, Butterflies wall decor
WorN Ambient Fireflies
WorN Reality Intersection Sign
Nuwiggles Trapaze Telephone Pole for Designers United



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