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Access Your Eyes ~ More from L’accessoires

Welcome to another episode of Access Your Eyes, where we oggle, drool and languish feverly over the kind of eye candy that will always keep you warm and cozey at night. Though, I’m not one to sleep with my jewelry under the pillow, and if you are heck more power to ya 😀

Don’t think I was the first person to ever come up with the word play on accessories, but its got a neat ring to it. Like your favorite hook on your favorite song.. or even the not so favorite ones -.-

Truth be told, I couldn’t sleep and have spent all evening sorting, updating, contemplating, networking, fidgeting, and shopping… can’t forget that noo way jose’. I love the color palette for this post, and Lode has their lovely Viora headdresses featured at this month’s L’accessoires. Can’t have too many of those neither! Donna Flora’s Pasqualina gift set rounds out this look along with Gang/Cold’s Momoka clutch, newcomers to Lace!

Thank you for visiting on this early Tuesday morning before all heck breaks loose on the grid! I call it Torture the Tenants Tuesday…better known as Reroll Tuesday.. (neh its too early for a rant)

Aloha till next time and be sure to visit the links for more information!

Belleza Leila #11 for Arcade Gacha Fair
DCNY Mesh Boho Baby Dress in plum (FLF 9/13)
fri. Peggy T Strap Heels (FLF 9/13 Fall colors)
Donna Flora Pasqualina Jewelry Set
*Lode Viora dark plum Headwear for L’accessoires
*Gang/Cold Momoka Clutch ‘Cute Seduction’ for L’accessoires
Ikon Ardent Rose Eyes
Analog Dog Eq Dark Hair
Slink Mesh Casual Hands and Med. Feet
Flair Nail Addon for Slink #39
Poses: Ma Vie Jewel Set New!
Windlight: Bree’s Appleblossom



  1. purplebutterflylykin says

    Fell in love with that headpiece but didn’t purchase it as I had no idea how to just wear it out and about on grid without attempting to be all “model” like. Thanks for sharing a great way to wear it and convincing me to go buy LOL


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