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L2S #29 Belated Vintage

Belated because I’m about a month too late to share all the prettiness from Collabor88’s  last round. But that’s okay, gives me a chance to gush about my love affair with early 20’s fashion. Back when showing ‘ankle’ was considered risque, back to when corsets were tossed aside for the flappy doodads.. wait that doesn’t sound right :/

Anyway, I’m just a sucker for dark, rich textures, especially in tweed which I wear a lot irl during the soggy pacific northwest winters. And don’t forget the lining! and powder… and deodorant. Fashionably Dead’s Tweed Skirt and Box Coat looks fantastic, and I only wish I could have gotten more colors. The skirt is very much like the ones I have and mostly I pair them with boots if its raining out. I also really like the art deco gold detail on the jacket as well, very classy.

Huge fan of Sasy Scarborough’s Flair Nails and picked up set #124 as well as the new Giz hair from D!va, which is available for 75L a play at this month’s Arcade Gacha Fair. The jewelry set is from House of Rain and was featured last June for Genre’s Art Deco round, something I’ve had in my inventory for a while and today looked like a good day to wear them 🙂

Also, this is the first time I’ve ever visited the 1920’s Berlin Project and it is so worth the time to explore! The snapshots I took doesn’t do nearly enough justice to the entirety of the project but I did happen to hop over to their blog. The latest article is pretty awesome and includes several clips from a SL resident who happen to tour 1920’s Berlin with Oculus Rift. Check it out!

Thanks for stopping by today and keeping me company 😀 This grid hopping thing can be a bit lonesome sometimes so if you’re visiting somewhere epic, I’d love to join you!

Have a great Friday the 13th and don’t let the boogie man getcha!
(at the time of the posting of this article I would have stepped on 20+ cracks and walked under 40+ ladders, and yet I still CRINGE when a black cat walks across my path)


Fashionably Dead’s Long Tweed Skirt
Fashionably Dead’s Tweed Box Coat
Ingenue Pickford Heels
House of Rain Morphine Queen Jewelry Set
Olive’s Vixenie Foxy Clutch
LODE Hat, Binny
Glam Affair’s Candy Skin America for Arcade Gacha Fair
D!va Hair, Giz for Arcade Gacha Fair
Slink Casual and Gesture Av/En Hands
Slink Med. Av/En Barefeet
Flair Nails for Slink Av/En #124
Ikon Ardent Eyes in platinum
Essences Hangover Eyeliner #5
Pose: The Muse Poses Dare #2
Windlight: Annan Adored Dusty
Location: The 1920’s Berlin Project



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I do this really neat thing with my ears.

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