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So glad Strawberry challenged us to do this meme, they’re the kind that keeps on giving,  in fits of laughter, facedesks, brofists, triple face palms, doubled over heaving gut laughs.. yeah I like these ones a lot!

Most of the ones I’ve done for Monday Memes are these types but today I couldn’t really think of any thing clever to say… and the cute cat and dog memes had me glued to the screen for most of the morning so that deflated the wittiness for a while.

And of course after that, I jumped on to youtube and frightfully watched Laina’s channel as well. Admit tingly, some of her stuff is funny, like Miley Cyrus scary funny, and I keep going back for the gasp factor. But I’m more of a geeky asian wanna be cosplayer er and stick to these guys and this guy… OH and this guy too he’s punny… they make my internet life worth living.

By the way this next one is lacking any humor whatsoever, its not even witty. Its so random, and so nonsensical I am still scratching my head as to how in the sam hill, it was able to pass through the ‘must have some giggle appeal’ filter that I put on this blog months ago.

Exactly. I think it was the glasses that made me try this one out. That and the original inspiration for this meme… sorta.

Here are links to some I’ve done in the past:

SL Guilty Confessions Meme
Avatar Blogger Challenge
Flat Rodvick Meme
Flat Rodvick Meme

You can visit Strawberry’s Blog Challenges and Memes category to see past topics for more inspiration and definitely check out the Flickr Group as well.  Thanks for dropping by and aloha till next time 🙂

HopScotch’s Got His Head Prop
HopSchotch’s Got His Head Sword
ISON Dazzle Gown indigo
MiWardrobe The Alice’s Tea Necklace
*MiWardrobe The Little Prince Necklace and Earrings
Glam Affair’s Giselle
Bliensen and Maitai’s La folie du jour
NEO Sunglasses by Redgrave
Poses: aDORKable and PMP Rollergirl various

*I used Gimp 2.6 for image 2 and 3’s text so I could add that black glow border thingie majigie around the text, and I used picmonkey for the 1st image which also has the Impact font.*



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