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Access Your Eyes ~ Zibska, MiWardrobe, Tiki Tattoo

Earlier today, Cajsa Lilliehook shared the sad news of Squinternet Larnia’s passing. Our prayers and thoughts go out to her family and friends in both worlds..

The snapshots for this week’s Access Your Eyes were taken at Hatzfeld Runo’s Tiki Tattoo, who owns one of Second Life’s more popular brand of polynesian/tropical themed furniture. After listening to Squinternet’s beautiful rendition of What a Wonderful Word, I wanted to visit somewhere on the grid where I could feel like I was back home on the islands. It’s a coping mechanism probably, and I’m sure you all have some things you do to get through grief.

Tiki Tattoo is where I bought my first honest to goodness bougainvillea tree and my first tattoo, Maui. Hatzfeld’s respect for polynesian designs is seen throughout his region and creations. I appreciate the time and effort he’s put into pieces that incorporate not just traditional hawaiian art, but also in the tattoos he creates with  cultures from all of Polynesia, Samoa, The Maori and the Marquesas.

Zib Scagg’s is another designer that continues to floor me and rightly so. Whenever I wear Zibska, I feel 100% uplifted that’s how visually stunning her creations are to me. The Kaoru Collar is available right now only at the main store. There are only a limited amount of copies so be sure to hit one of the hyperlinks for a visit..

MiWardrobe’s Pensamiento Limited Edition Headpiece is also available at L’accessoires till the 9th so hope you all have had a chance to drop by and pick up a goodie or three.

I’m grateful for many things, but today above all, I am thankful for the residents who share their passion through design and creation with the likes of many of us, who are just glad to be able to enjoy a glimpse into the vivid imaginations of these Virtual world makers. If you have time today, why not join me in sending a personal thank you to an aspiring designer? It’ll be an encouragement for them and for you as well 🙂

Aloha till next time..

Zibska Kailani in Mare w/ Earrings by Zib Scaggs
Zibska Limited Edition Kaoru Collar
*MiWardrobe Pensamiento Headpiece by Neftisis Rhiadra for L’accessoires
Tiki Tattoo’s Maui by Hatzfeld Runo
Eaters Coma Gift #3 in Noir
Pink Fuel’s Alyx in Peach
Ikon Ascension Eyes in Black
Poses: Diesel Works & aDORKable
Location: Tiki Tattoo
Windlight: Free’s Sunset



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