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Exploring Second Life Meme

D-Lab Main Shop

Better late than never 🙂 Been too busy looking through all the gorgeous pictures in the Flickr Pool! I get why ya’ll are so addicted to Flickr and Plurk :/ as I don’t really say much on those networks, I love looking at all the new to me, shiny places! If you all don’t mind a crazy old asian lady following your tour group, can I come on the next round??! (I promise to bring treats :D)

Meme Instructions: Share 1 to 5 of your favorite places on the grid. I feel like exploring and discovering new places. Share places you think everyone should visit and also tell us why they are your favorites. Don’t forget to leave a link to your post in the comments!

One of the very first locations I practiced taking snapshots was D-Lab’s Sky Garden and Main shop. This place never ceases to tickle the fancies of my nerdy kid at heart. And it all started with a reindeer! I have a this really bad habit of clicking on everything I see rezzed around me, and finding out an object’s history all the way back to its inception.  Last winter while decorating around my meager parcel for Christmas, I happen upon Dazai Voom’s Flying White Reindeer and it was love at first sight!  Did the sleuthing thing, and the cuteness factor as soon as you land can make even moody teenagers yip and holler! (Mine did, and I stayed here all day so they could watch the toys.. -.- )

D-Lab Sky Garden and Main Shop SLURL  | D-LAB Blog


Sometime earlier this year, I had the opportunity to upgrade my graphics card and processor to something more decent but some of the machines I have here at home are still not snapshot friendly when I’m in world. So I did this kind of tutorial thing for those of us who wanted to do whatever it took to get a good picture without having shadows/lighting enabled. One of my friends let me know about a brand of accessories that I might be interested in, and this is how I came to find KOSH. I’ve talked about Lynaja Bade’s designs before, but another great reason to visit is to take a tour of the outside of the main store. This time I picked a couple of obscure spots and you can’t really see the rain in my pics neither unfortunately, but it is so worth a walk through.

KOSH Main Store Location | KOSH Flickr 


So here is a brand spanking new place for my Furry Friends (and non furries!) to check out.
One of my fellow Minecraftian/SL buddies whom I saw sporting this avatar in world,  invited me over to tour this latest project that caters to our Furry Community. While it is still under development, Eco-Paw is opened to the public and  houses a few art galleries as well. Hopefully regular events are coming soon.

Eco-Paw Photography/Furry Hangout Studio SLURL


And last but not least, my semi home away from home Club Vipera, who’s staff and owners recently celebrated their first year on the grid, way to go! Atmosphere, ambiance are some of the reasons why I keep coming back. The music is always going and Damien created this plaza type place where it feels like you’re right there on the Riviera for an afternoon cappuccino! Many of my favorite SL DJ’s play here as well so yeah pretty partial to it^^  Its a great sim to tour, with multiple venues for whatever kind of event a body would need. (Shameless blurb!)

Thanks for coming by on this red eye flight around the grid! Be sure to check out Strawberry’s Blog Challenge/Meme category should you fancy a try 🙂 Aloha always!


*Fishy Strawberry* Apron Top – Classic Denim by Fae Eriksen for The Dressing Room Fusion
coldLogic capris in Lepore Cream
*Couture’d Bacon Off Broadway Ballets by Jadore Poutine
Half-Deer Windy Summer Scarf (Caramel Zebra) by Halogen Magic for The Box
Half-Deer Painted Rustic Bangle (Goldfish)
Half-Deer Antler and Ring Necklace (Gold)
TRUTH HAIR Qopi New! by Truth Hawks
The Plastik’s Astrali Skin in Stratus (Bare) by Aikea Rieko
Maxi Gossamar Wild Full Thick Lashes
Mayfly Deep Sky Mesh Eyes Dusky Hazel Shadow
Essences Hangover Liner #2
Candy Prim Nails Clear Glitter French by peche Bury
Poses: Atooly and aDORKable various
Windlights: Annan Adored Windlights (My favorite set!)

*All of the raw imgs are taken at 4000×2064 res. on Ultra*



    • Hi Strawberry thanks for stopping by! yeah I love that depending on the lighting the marshes outside the store has like this lonely, contemplative feel, not a bad thing really its a good kinda alone nesses hehe


  1. these are wonderful! I especially love the D-Lab pictures, I’ve never been there so I feel a little exploration coming up in my future! Muwah! happy weekend to you! 😀


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