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“All formal dogmatic religions are fallacious and must never be accepted by self respecting persons as final. Reserve your right to think for even to think wrongly is better than not to think at all”
Hypatia of Alexandria.

Chasm by Bumblebee

In the darkness of Chasm, near the Wondrous Singing Caves,
I hear the faint echoes of water, gurgling, bubbling.
Pouring from a source unknown.
Weariness plays tricks on my mind
Splashing, rushing, it flows on.

No, not water.
Laughter? Mocking? Voices.. a room full of voices.
A gush of icy frigid air,  plays at the edge of my fingertips.
And the darkness, muting my sense of self.

Determined to reach across that yawning void.
Vastly different from all I have ever known.
Stretching forth to touch, nothingness.
And yet a still small voice.

It is the One who summoned me to Him long ago
the One who calls me, Daughter.

“My child, why have you stopped?
Why have you come to rest in this place?”, He implores.
“Let us be on our way, lest the doom of Chasm destroy our future hope!”

His glorious face filled with compassion, There is no guile.
Only concern, only love. And with no pretense.

“Father, the journey is far too long for my little feet!
The precipice too high to climb!
The mountains overpower me, it mocks me o my Father!”
Here in Underworld, the mountains have secrets.

“Ah but we have only a short distance to go, Daughter!
And beyond Chasm, there are warmer, greener places.
Nigh on the morrow, only a day, and so near the surface!
Imagine! The Surface! To be so close to Overworld,
Would be a blessing indeed!”

I see in His eyes, there is no trace of guile, no not in all eternity.
Though the shroud of darkness, threatens to consume,
Father’s reach is beyond the limitations of this realm.
And with His words, I seek comfort, on this weary path.

The voices they grow louder now, like a tidal wave
and the vision of His face is marred by another and yet another.
The countenances beheld in them, deftly hidden ‘neath
an odious, empty gaze, staring into nothingness.

“Your Father is a sham!” they whisper.  “Your Father tells tales!
He will bring you to your end, o fair Daughter..
Stay here where there are roots, where your blood runs thick.
You have all that you need from us thereafter!”

Pangs of raging pain course feverishly through me.
I dare to peek through my eyes. The smell of acrid flesh reaching my nose.
A knife like gash slice across my palms.
The unforgiving stones of Chasm holds many secrets.

“He? Who deems Himself the Keeper of Time, can He not
swiftly bring you to your precious Overworld?” The voices taunt.
“Stay here with us, with all that you have ever known, near Bism’s blue fire,
Where we shall forever worship in the ancient ways!”

Ah yes.. the ancient ways. The pure and innocent, devoured for sport.
The  glowing blue flame that holds no nourishment casting a deathly pallor.
And warmth begotten, from false gallantry. The facade of tradition and gaudy glamour.
In the deepness of Chasm, there is no room for freedom, no room for change.

Only room for taking. Only room for selfish gain.

Is this journey for naught? Has my Father played me fool?
The voices ebb and flow, slowly fading away.

I dare to reach beyond doubt’s limit, beyond the voices, beyond unbelief, to touch, water!
Flowing, gurgling, bubbling, speaking, washing the caked filth dirt from my palms.
Cleansing and healing my wounds.
They sing the song I have longed to hear!

Chasm has not slayed me after all!
The empty blue light has not filled me!
In losing, I have gained! There is no more mystery..

And this water I drink with its songs of rejoicing, gently reminds me,
That I am my Father’s daughter, before the foundations of All Worlds.


Originally Posted:

What: The Writer’s Block Challenge Issued By Katya Valeska
Rules Posted Here
Topic I chose: Losing my Religion (Free Form Poetry, short story-ish)


Image 1
Hair: [Atro Patena] – Nicolas_Jet by MechuL Actor
Hair: Elikatira’s Never by Elika Tiramisu
Mask: Kahli Designs Goblin Mask by Viland Fantasy Gacha Fair
Jacket: Pink Acid’s Men’s Open Sweater by Stasey Oller
Outfit: Sour Pickles Bumble Bee by Xandra Bressig
Hat: Junbug Sweet Pixie Cap by Juno Mantel Fantasy Gacha Fair
Crown: !CD Season of the Witch Rare Crown Fantasy Gacha Fair
Pose: Kirin’s Awe and Wonder #2 for TLC’s Poser Pavilion

Image 2:
Cruella Gown (includes Hat and Fur) by House of Elliot for Limited Bazaar
Avid Dark Cascade Gloves by Darwin Mizser
Black Pearl’s Spider Mask for Fantasy Gacha Fair by Yasay
Baiastice Emma Hair
The Plastik’s Astrali Stratus Skin
Ikon’s Asension Eyes in Black
Pose: !bang various

Silvery K’s Headdress Japon in Red by gin Fhang for Limited Bazaar
Ade Yakko Fashion’s Midare Yukata by Moro Mordly for Limited Bazaar
Pose: Purple Poses various

AvaGirl Femme Fatale Outfit by Lilac Niven for Limited Bazaar
AvaGirl Glitter Boots in silver
Rock Candy Melfina Hair in black by Maliske Misfit
Pose: *Everglow* Girls Various



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