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42 SL Groups Challenge

Dude.. your days of frugly hands are over.. buck up buttercup!

I took a fashion tip from Ms Strawberry’s last few articles on Manberry and bought Mal his very own FATEwear Dante Coat, because.. well because its the best mesh coat I’ve seen out there for men so far.  So thank you for ze inspiration Strawberry 😀

Also, most of what I wore here is from Thetra Blackhearts’ E-Clipse Designs, who is also offering the ColorMyMusic Belt (on Mal) and Limited Edition Earring (on moi) at this month’s L’accessoires! So be sure to visit and try them on for yourself!

42 Second Life Groups Challenge

Meme Instructions: Answer the following questions about groups and share some of your favs with us. Don’t forget to leave your link in the comments!

1.  Have you reached the 42 group limit?
A few times during the Club Velvet Manor days. There was a group for every single department you could think of (Sound, VIP, Staff, Management, Security/Guardian, Sound Mentors, Dance Mentors, Guardian was nuts). Once upon a time I thought it was awesome.. until we started getting notices in our email for each group. THEN.. and only then did I attempt to strangle myself. Right now I am at a healthy 39 group count.

2.  Do you do a lot of group hopping to keep up with all the groups you want to stay a part of?
I used to especially with groups that didn’t charge a fee to join. Now I’m finding that its easier  for me to keep up to date via blogs, plurks, FBs, feeds, pins, twits, what else is out there?? Oh yeah Tumblers too! (k now I’m the one dizzy)

3.  What makes you want to join a group?
A majority of the groups I am in are communities not related to fashion which is ironic because this is a fashion blog (I think)

For example, I am a member of the US Veterans group because I am a military spouse irl. The members are  RL active/reserve/retired military from all branches (including family members) and many of them come to Second Life while actively serving. There are various ‘subgroups’ that support our troops like the Wounded Warriors Project, run by Frets Nirvana who holds a live benefit concert at the end of every month at the US Veterans region, donating the proceeds/tips to the project and sim tiers.

Here are a few articles/links I thought might be interesting as far as SL’s relevancy to the US Military… they’re kind of dated, but still informative: (PTSD Support) (PTSD Support)

Another group I joined and have wanted to since I started Second Life, is the White Tiger Mentors group They are still actively participating in mentoring new residents. The White Tiger region is full of resources and mentors who are willing to help. They are a part of Second Life’s Resident Help Network and also participate in many Second Life Community Events (i.e. SL10B)

The people who make up these kinds of communities motivate me to inspire those who would be future residents and that is mainly the basis of my decision whether to join a group or not.

4.  A lot of store VIP groups have a group fee which you have to pay to join. How do you feel about paying group fees?
 I didn’t mind at first,  especially for brands whose designers are generous enough to put out a regular gift for their VIPs AS WELL as discounts on some or all of their items. I end up spending more than the join fee itself so that alone should testify to how much I like a particular brand/store/product.

As far as groups for entertainment (DJ fangroups, Clubs, Live Shows etc), I have finally stopped stalking my favorite DJs to wherever they are playing and ask for their in world stream info instead. That way I can just play it on my itty bitty parcel and fulfill my blogging rights under the Antisocial clause. That thing we signed when we all first started.. you know the one?! “You shall spend hours on lone platform, yea I say unto thee” Yea that one.

By the way whomever scripted/created/built or came up with the idea of Subscriber Kiosks? Pure genius.

5. Name a few groups that you are a part of that you feel everyone should look into joining and share your reasons behind that.

-Your Viewer Support Group: Because there are hundreds more who have probably asked the same question you are needing an answer to and, you also have an audience with the folks who helped write the codes! (sometimes)
They’re also essential if I have issues with the viewer vs my computer OS/hardware.

-SL Blogger Support: This community welcomes new and experienced bloggers (non fashion too)and everyone is free to share tips about photo editing, locations, event information, current blog challenges, and more. The positive atmosphere in this group is a welcome change  and there is always someone to encourage you in your blogging journey.

-Designing SL : One of the more popular fashion feeds on SL, and the spam isn’t quite so bad. If you’re looking for new fashion content this is a good one to join and its free 😀

-Minecraft: yes there is an honest to goodness community of Minecraftians who play Second Life and while I rarely see any Moderators online, its a great group to share info with, servers, seeds, articles, updates etc etc. Why should you join? Good question :/

-Skin Addiction: I joined right around Skin Fair this year and have enjoyed lurking about. Everyone is friendly and are willing to help. Updates are frequent if you don’t mind regular notices.

And finally one last question borrowed from Virtual Bloke’s Skell Dagger! (Click for a good grope ^^ )

What makes you LEAVE a group?
So we all have a spam threshold ingrained in our virtual selves right? or at least I like to pretend we do.  My tolerance levels are typical, 5 notices a day (and thats when I’ve had my coffee) or the occasional spammed advertisement. Those don’t bug me too much.

What ‘makes’ me ‘want’ to leave a group depends on my use for it. With that being said, I have this really bad habit of enjoying SL drama O.O Can’t really explain that one away except a sordid imagination, sorry :/

See, griefers, trolls, flamers are easy enough to handle with a simple mouse click, but say you have a group member who crosses the line of civility into what I call the ‘Insane Mode’. They not only cause profound annoyance in group chat but they bring it onto other platforms off of Second Life with the purpose and intent of tearing other people down, publicly.

This is the kind of drama that makes me want to leave a group. I find it much more entertaining to watch a Moderator flip turn upside down the occasional griefer whose grammar is worse than mine. Thats always fun :/ That and bacon humor.

Right so that abruptly ends on a sour note lolol, but seriously.. being a member of any type of SL group opens opportunities for all of us to learn a little bit more about the people who make up this world. Who knows we may even learn something!

Thanks for stopping by today and making it through another long read ^^ Hopefully this collage will make up for it and entice you all to check out the latest at E-Clipse Designs, and maybe even plan a trip over to L’accessories!

Remember you can participate in any of Strawberry Singh’s memes/challenges at anytime..they’re fantasmically fun!

Aloha till next time^^



*E-Clipse Designs ColorMyMusic Belt by Thetra Blackheart for L’accessoires
*E-Clipse Designs Carpe Diem Tie (Male)
FATEwear Dante Coat by Damien Fate
flow Morcego Pants
Legal Insanity Jones Cowboy Hat (Crocodile Black)
Chrome Croc Skin Cowboy Boots by Cruiz Martinek
AITUI Hair Base 2 by Jesseaitui Petion
KM/KW Fashion & Creation Finger Tapes
Mayfly Deep Sky Eyes Stormy Blue w2
Belleza Jacob Best Buy Sunkissed #1
Belleza Ashton Shape
Pose: Purple Poses & Stakey Various

*E-Clipse Designs ColorMyMusic Earring for L’accessoires (Limited Edition!)
*E-Clipse Designs Carpe Diem Tie (Female)
*E-Clipse G-!nspiration Heels
E-Clipse Slash Outfit (Bra/Skirt)
Glam Affair’s Katya America 3
Izzie’s Asia Gold Eyeliner
Slink’s Casual and Flat Hands
Izzie Button’s Metallic Nails
MADesigns Hairbase Hearts
MADesigns Aesop Hair in Dark Blonde II
Mayfly Liquid Light Mesh Dark Onyx w2
Poses: Diesel Works



  1. I decline all DJ group offers and I refuse to set one up for myself. Why? If I want to know where a DJ is playing I’ll either check their profile or IM them. I neeeeeeds my group spaces for my other stuffs!

    BTW, your Mute trick worked…thank you! And I’m impressed by your group list. Thank you for giving back to new residents and for supporting military families and members. My boyfriend is a former member of the RAAF (Australian variant), so this holds a special place in my heart 🙂


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