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L2S #25 Azoury, Lode, Helpful HUDS and More!

Last month, when The Gallery Gift Shop celebrated their 2nd Anniversary,  I happened to pick up Miamai’s Magic Dream Lamp and OHHH it is so much fun to tinker with! Not too sure if it worked out with the picture today but the shadow play was really pretty.. really really.

Hopefully some of you have gotten a chance to peruse L’accessoires, and if not, I shall try to persuade you with more pictures lol. Azoury’s offerings for this go around includes the Ebene Earrings and Polochon Duffle Bag. I attempted to hover near the edge of my idea of avant garde with Lode’s Desert Flower hat. Chirzaka Vlodovic (Lode) creates these magical hats so beautifully, they’re truly unique!

I also wanted to thank Shae Marquis for her post on Hollywood’s “I ❤ Shoes” Event a few days ago. The Paris shoes by Essenz tantalized me so to get a pair of my own. Not too shabby for the price tag either 😉 I’ve been following Shae over on tumblr for a while now, and its awesome to see her website taking off! Do visit when you have a chance!

One last thought I’ve been meaning to share.. and if you’ve made it this far with the reading? I award thee 1000 diamond swords 😀

With every fashion-ish snapshot I take in world, comes a multitude of tools I like to call the Helpful HUDS. If they had arms, I’d hug them, but they’re HUDs so I can’t, because they’re HUDs…(yes I know I’m a dork)

I try to include them in the credits as often as I can remember to, so for curiosity’s sake here’s a snapshot I took with the HUDs showing in world. They’re where I usually place them. What you don’t see are all the GUI windersss and doesn’t it get awfully messy at times when you’re touting 15.6 inches of screen real estate! oi!

These tools are essential for me and I am of the mind that the more help, the better. I’ve never dissed anyone who needed the extra support to take a great snapshot, so long as we give credit where credit is due.

There are countless blog articles out there reviewing each of these HUDs, but if you have any questions, feel free to leave a message and hopefully I’ll have an answer.

Thanks for stopping by today and be sure to do the hyperlink hop to check out all the featured items!
Aloha always ^^

Featured Items:
*LODE* Hat – Desert Flower by Chirzaka Vlodovic for L’accessoires
*Azoury Ebene Earrings by Mayhem Seetan for L’accessoires
*Azoury Polochon Duffle Bag for L’accessoires
Essenz Paris Shoes by Senzati0n Domenitzo
Baiastice Iman Top by Sissy Pesoa
Baiastice Lima Skirt & Metal White Lizard Belt
Virtual Insanity Nails Feline 1
Mayfly Deep Sky Mesh Eyes Dusky Bronze w2

Other Credits:
Glam Affair Katya America
Slink Hands Casual and Bag
Slink Bianca Hair in Nordic
Maxi Gossamer’s Wild Full Thick Lashes
Glorious Insanity Inc. Auto Focus 2.1 HUD by Nakari Tolsen
Animare HUD by YT Recreant
E2 Designs‘ PoseAnywhere HUD by DavidThomas Scorbal
Poses/Props: R.icielli Fashion Poses Various
Miamai’s Magic Dream Lamp



  1. Yay, many thanks! I too think Shae is great, so thanks for touting her! And thanks for showing us the HUDs, I think I will be picking up the Animare one soon. (And since I can’t hug the HUDs, I’ll hug you instead, heh, heh….)


    • 😉 Clever! Its one of those HUDs once you get comfy with you think, where have you been all my slife lol thanks for stopping by!


  2. I think I have that Pose Anywhere HUD and never unpacked it! Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

    You’re looking great, and I too love the shoes.


  3. Hello, I am Senzati0n, the creator of Essenz. I just found this post when I was searching through the I love shoes Flickr pool where Shae Marquis has posted her picture of these shoes. It’s a bit late, but I still wanted to say thank you to Bumblebee, Shae Marquis and Cougar Sangria for the nice words! 🙂


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