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L2S #24 Lybra for L’accessoires

Lybra Rage is a new to me designer/creator and is currently featuring the Taylor Pearl Jewelry Set at this round of L’accessoires. I am really liking how they look against the orange in this dress from lulu Designs. When I went to check if lulu Designs was still around however, I came up empty so might try again later.

The Taylor Pearl Set includes the earrings, choker, bracelets for both wrists and the necklace. They are gorgeous, highly detailed and well worth investing in. There are 5 textures/options when you click on the main jewel in each piece. A 100 copies are available at this month’s L’accessoires so be sure to drop in and see the other sets as well k? Okay 🙂

Wise man say, post processing never good, when weather is bad.

If I ever meet this wise man that every one keeps quoting, he’s going to need physical therapy after a good throttle, just saying.

Aloha till next time ^^

Featured Items:

*Lybra Taylor Pearls Set ~ Fire for L’accessoires
Includes Bracelette, Earrings, Choker and Necklace
by Lybra Rage
*Miamai_Irene pumps (peep toe) ochre leather by Pill Kanto
lulu DESIGN Precious One:((Petite Cerise)) by Suki Dragovar

Slink Casual Hands and Medium Feet
Flair Nail Hud Add Ons Set 39
MINA Hair – Laura
Belleza- Ashley SK BBB 2
Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Desert Twilight, w2)
MG – Eyelashes – Wild Full Thick
Poses- Diesel Works & Purple Poses


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