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L2S #23 Happy ‘versary L’accessoires!

L’accessoires celebrates its first anniversary this coming Thursday August 15th till September the 9th! 

Ions ago, my idea of a complete outfit, was a system layered tank top, with system layered daisy dukes, a pair of sculpted (yet fabulous) cowboy boots and a ponytail. The only accessory I ever wore was a Hawaiian Fish-Hook necklace that frankly, did NOT look like the real thing, but the sentimental value kept it on my neck. And that was it.. that was fashion to me lol. Yea it was pathetic.

Fast forward to Spring of this year.  One of my closest friends introduced me to a gal who needed an extra pair of hands to help with an event that focused specifically on showcasing accessories. To have a specific event that focused on these wardrobe essentials, I thought, was pure genius!

And I still think it is. I understand that fashion events come and go like the wind, and maybe I’m a bit biased. But just like you all, I shop events like no body’s business, and regular or not, they are important both for the designer and the customer. More so for the loyal customer and for new bloggers like myself, to be introduced to brands I would not have otherwise known about.

What Meimei ShiuCieleste Magic and everyone at Groupe LePonPon has created, is a unique opportunity for accessory creators/designers to showcase their very best at a venue that is just for them. L’accessoires, for me, was never about pricing, or selling items at  discount. It has always been about giving these remarkable people a niche of their own, no fuss, no muss, no hidden agenda, and I know without a doubt that the featured designs are from creators whose brand I trust.

And so, as we wind down to the 15th, I hope you’ll have a chance to visit L’accessoires, if not to shop, at least to take into account who is represented there. These creators are the cream of the crop and it’s worth coming to see their designs in a brand new light.

Featured Items:
*Zibska’s Eilian Necklace and Bracelet for L’accessories Anniversary LIMITED EDITION!!!

Pink Oufitters Dianna Python Dress
Pink Outfitters Wild Thing Coat in Khaki
Gos Boutique – Lauren d’Orsay – Truffle Collection
eXxEsS Hair: CHIMERA chocolate
Glam Affair – Zara – America Clean w/ Zara Eyebrows Shape #4
Glam Affair– Couture Eyeliner no.02
Slink Mesh Hands Casual w/ Flair Nail Set #39
Mayfly Deep Sky Mesh Eyes Tawny Bistre w2
Maxi Gossamer Mesh Wild Thick Lashes
Poses: Everglow Girls Various

Limo to Groupe LePonPon’s L’accessoires~
L’accessoires Flickr Contest Group



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