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The Land of Overworld

The Land of Overworld by BumbleBee

There once  lived a maiden, most tender sweet and kind
who tended to her father, the ailing Father Time.
His wisdom and perception, did she oft test and prod
And ne’er was a thought to question her father’s graying nod.

He spoke to her the wondrous tales of a light so bright and full
“You’ll never think to thirst or hunger, how great its love doth pull
It guides you, nourishes you, this glorious awesome light,
though darkness may assail you child, it shall bring you through the night”

With a great a mighty leap, she jumped, and giggled thoroughly,
“Oh Father, Father, tell me more of this light that you have seen!
Tell me again of the warmth that seeps and settles down within…
Tell me once more the story of how the light came to begin!”

“My daughter, it is boundless, a vast and endless reach,
You cannot hide from it, for it fills every crevice every niche.
Down here we dwell in shadow, too long I’ve lain asleep
But you, oh curious one, shall live to rise from the murky deep.”

Her eyes flickered once then twice, a spark of life he could see
The gray bearded Father Time did smile so joyously.
As he regaled her with stories of seasons come and gone,
The maiden determined in her heart what truly must be done.

“My father is an honest man, and oh I love him so
He has never failed to share with me, these stories of long ago.
I can see it in his eyes, how he believes in this land he once called home,
I can hear it in his voice, his songs, when he thinks he is all alone.

I am tired of this underworld, I am tired of its weary walk.
My heart’s desire lies in the secrets of our daily talks.
And so I must see Overworld! I must do this for me!
I must journey to that glorious land he told me where I can be free!

Free to worship, free to dance free to take a daring chance!
I believe in what he’s told me, I believe that frivolous romance!
I choose to tread the arduous, yet fruitful rewarding path.
And someday I will tell my father, that his time has come at last!”

The maiden leans her delicate head across her father’s brow
and tells him her decision, of which he is so very proud.
Her gaze rests once more upon that wizened dear old face,
and turns her heart towards Overworld, that land of Light and Grace.


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What: The Writer’s Block Challenge, issued by Katya Valeska
Rules: Posted here.
Topic I chose: You believe, so why should I? (Prose, Poem, Short Story ish.. hope you all enjoy!)



Torley bubble sun severance
Torley sunrise teachin
Torley sunset endgame
ilaya hold my clutch pose
The Muse Poses Tominaga 3
The Muse Poses Tyche

What I’m wearing:
[DDD] Dysfunctional Dolly Designs Fancy Squared Tent – Donna Flora Tuscany
D-LAB-Forest series tree03-d green
.:GSpot:. Sun on a stick Bronze purple (previous we love rp)
.:GSpot:. APHRODISIA Gown S Tyrian Purple
{Cherry} Enchanted Teardrop Earrings (R) – demi god essence
[LeLutka]-ALVINA hair – Bournville
.:GSpot:. Suncrown gold RARE for fantasy gacha fair
KOSH- ENIGMA NECKLACE chest -female-
Izzie’s – Asia Eyeliner gold
-Glam Affair – Lulu ( Jamaica )
Slink Casual Hands w/ Kosh Metallic Nail Applier
Maxi Gossamer – Eyelashes – Wild Full Thick
Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Desert Twilight, w2)



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  2. purplebutterflylykin says

    So well written with beautiful photos. Congratulations on winning the challenge with this piece.


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