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L2S #22 Otherworldly

Now I get it. Now I understand and have lost my lil’ ole’ wahine heart to the otherworldly phenom that is Donna Flora. I have been missing out! Its no wonder so many of you are fans of Squinternet Larnia’s amazing designs.

Finally had the opportunity to visit Donna Flora and to really just take in all that she has created. I have come to the conclusion that I’ll need to borrow a server if SL’s leasing, because there ain’t enough room in my inventory to put all of that gorgeous in O.O

Speaking of shopping at Donna Flora, the Love Donna Flora Event and Fundraiser goes through August 11th and it really is one of those events that if we miss out, we miss an opportunity for a blessing in disguise. There is also a place to donate at Donna Flora as you enter the store so please, do think about it and make it a point to visit either locations. You won’t regret it 🙂

I chose Amacci’s Daphne Hair  w/ Orchids from the Love Donna Flora Event as the crowning piece to a sort of minimal elegance ‘look’. (No idea what the right terminology is just go with me on this ride lol). The Asia Gown is available right now from the Library, for the We ❤ Role-Play event, and I finished off the ensemble with Donna Flora’s Martina earrings (SO Cozey, I can’t even see straight) and Topaz Ring. Poses for image 1 & 2 are The Muse Poses  offerings at 100% donation for the Love Donna Flora event as well.

A good friend of mine recommended I include the Cozey Bee in each post as a nod to Bumblebee, and you know what? It really does help to remind me to keep blogging in perspective. Even busy bees need their breaks. (Do real bees take breaks??)

So we’ll see where he pops up next 🙂 Be sure to read through the credits if you wish to know more information about ‘im and the rest of each featured item..

Aloha for now and thank you for stopping by!

Featured Items:
The Library’s Asia Sky for We ❤ Role-play
Donna Flora Martina Earrings
Donna Flora FLORA Topaz Ring
Amacci Daphne Hair with Orchids for Love Donna Flora
Essences CHO Skin #2
Essences Blush Middle Brown
Slink Casual and Elegant Hands
Orc Inc. Pastel Shimmer Nails for Love Donna Flora
Maxi Gossamer Wild Full Thick Lashes
Ikon Ascension Eyes Black
Poses: The Muse Poses Astralia for Love Donna Flora
Windlight: Annyka’s Soft Lavender Day

Special Guest: Cozey Bee 😛 (Stuffed Bee by Domineaux Prospero for The Domineaux Effect)


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