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Until We meet again

I had first read about the Alice in Cornelland project through Strawberry Singh’s subsequent contributions to And like many of you, became a part of Vanessa Blaylock’s happenin’ VBFriends group during June’s Avatar Blogger Fitness Month.

Over the past couple of months, I’ve enjoyed coming to LEA11. I learned how to speedbuild here, learned what the word ‘visceral’ meant, and it is here where I learned to appreciate the artistic and educational side of Second Life all over again.

I admit 8 weeks isn’t enough time to build a history with the good folks at LEA11, but for each performance I was able to attend, I learned a little bit more about the people who make up VBFriends.

Thankfully the group remains open, and activities haven’t ceased, you can find all the information you need at Vanessa also started a new endeavor, , a collaborative effort which spans not only Second Life, but other worlds as well, do visit and register !

This last image, reminds me that even though there’ll be no more performances, the future is bright, full of contrast and light, and when comes the night, our friends are only mouse click away 😉

VB50 Farewell


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  1. Aww, don’t you look great on your plywood treadmill Bumblebee! Thanks so much for hanging out at LEA11 with us, it was such a nice time. We’ve never done as many projects in one place as we did at LEA11 these past months, but for a little over 4 years now we’ve created works all over the grid. From the Vista Hermosa Art Center to Trafalgar Square to New Caledon to Booville to the Rose Theater. We’ve also done pieces at other people’s LEA sites, like Pink & Blue at Mikati Slade’s Pico Pico Life, or Shit Happens at Misprint Thursday’s installation. So rest assured there will be more. But yes, it was pretty nice to have this wonderful home base.


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