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New from Ruca Tease ~ Tyler

Ruca Tease’ latest in men’s wear presents Tyler, a complete ensemble that includes a Jacket+Shirt combo (Texture HUD for the shirt part included) and jeans, all mesh and all at a reasonable price.
The avatar however is not named Tyler hah.. but Mal… short for Malnzoe (Malcom Reynolds and Zoe from Firefly.. I’m just nerdy like that)… it could also mean malt (male male alt) O.O

Anyway enough of that… Tyler’s a neat package, ehem.. if I do say so myself. The boots are resizable and the jeans and jacket come with their own alpha layers. There’s also a combo alpha layer for the shirt and jacket, pretty good deal considering you have 5 options of patterns to choose from via the Shirt HUD. 

The jeans are, I admit, are not really what I usually like to put on ole’ Mal, they flirt on the side of skinny jeans, but then that could be because of his shape. I do like that they relax a bit more over the boots though. These are growing on me.. well him lol.

>>UPDATE<< Be sure to read the NC included as it will give you specific instructions on how to wear each piece!

Could always change it up and wear different jeans too eh? What do I know about dressing up Ken dolls?? Not one thing I tell ya.

Do be sure to stop by Ruca Tease’ main location @ Grand Haven, and try a demo. Ruca Tease’ Men’s wear is chock full of outfits, and many of them include shoes, additional texture HUDS etc.. big bang for your buck. (no pun intended)

Thanks for stopping by and let me know what you think of the new Mal~

Featured Items:
*Ruca Tease’ Tyler Mens Outfit with shirt Texture Hud (5 patterns)
includes mesh jeans and Tyler Boots

Other Items:
-Belleza- Mathieu SK for Boys of Summer
-Belleza- Ashton shape (modified)
AITUI – Standard Hair Base
Mayfly – Deep Sky Eyes (Hazel Grey Shadow, w2)
KW Fashion and Creation (KM) Fingertapes

Poses: Stakey Male Various
Location: Vipera



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