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Access Your Eyes ~ Come to the City

Bliensen + MaiTai’s ‘Come to the City’ by Plurabelle Laszlo, is currently being featured at the Hair Fair, and hopefully you have had a chance to wade through the lagtastic wall of jello, to make it to the booth. This new to me brand of apparel and accessories is getting to me (in a good way!)

I am also wearing the Shimmy Sha Wobble heels which is available right now at the Shoes Fair. (not to be confused with Shoetopia…I think O.O) Also wanted to show off London Dailey’s Enchanted Teardrop earrings one more time in all of their simplistic beauty. You can find the earrings at this month’s L’accessoires till August 8th!

If anyone’s noticed, I’ve been holding off on post processing some images because of time constraints. The one or two I can work on has been laborious as I’m learning to edit with a Wacom Tablet… not at all as easy as I thought it would be :/

Used a bit of PicMonkey Magic and gave the image above a smidgen of Orton.. who was Orton anyway?? He (or she or them) deserve a hearty thank you for this effect.

Rounded off the look with Senzafine’s Josephine Dress, something I nabbed at last month’s Genre Event but never got to post, I do adore the vintage retro throwback once in a while, everything but black and white though. I can handle uber sepia, or almost noir, but black and white images remind me too much of I love Lucy and I watch that every day teehee^^

Big selfie pic ahead, and I didn’t touch this one up, I actually liked how it turned out, even with the alpha layer and oversized lashes lol.

I will definitely be talking more about Bliensen + MaiTai as I have yet to drop in the main store..until next time, thanks for stopping by and be sure to hit the hyperlinks (preferably with a mouse click) for more information 🙂

Senzafine’s Josephine Dress
Bliensen + MaiTai’s Shimmy Sha Wobble Shoes for The Shoes Fair
Bleinsen + MaiTai Come to the City for Hair Fair 2013
*{Cherry} Enchanted Teardrop Earrings for L’accessoires
Glam Affair – Lilith – America 05
IKON Ascension Eyes – Black
Slink’s Casual and Relaxed Hands w/ Flair Nail Set 101 (or 107?)
Poses: aDORKable various using Animare for foto purposes

Kosh Downpour Curtains
Kosh Crow Rug
Kosh Seol Plant
The Loft Beck Chair
oOo Studio Ottoman
Rockberry Peaceful Nook Rug
CheekyPea Fish! Rug
Lark Vintage Dress Form
barnesworth anubis South beach Penthouse skybox


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