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Access Your Eyes ~ Shig by Zib Scaggs

Welcome to another episode of Access Your Eyes, the show where eye candy doesn’t mean  a tall dark handsome stranger with 6 pack abs, but the gorgeous givings of the Accessory makers, creators and designers  of the virtual fashion world in Second Life!

Okay I’ll hush lol. Zib Scaggs’ Shig Jewelry Set, is her latest offering for this round at L’accessoires and I always have fun thinking of ways to style around her pieces. I find that they are artistic pieces all on their own, and Shig is no exception.

This time I’ve found that mix and matching with  Zibware was really fun, and more so when you are inspired by the same designer, right? So I chose Zibware’s  Savoia Ensemble.  Not sure if the combo works or not, but I had fun.. like a kid with a new toy ^^

No better photo studio than taking it to the skies eh? Do click on the hyper links for more information~

Thanks for tuning in, and may your eye candy be as ever sweet and fulfilling as that tall dark and handsome stranger with the 6 pack abs…

Featured Items:

*Zibska Shig Necklace and Earrings New! @ L’accessoires
Zibska/Zibware Savoia Ensemble
DECO Hiveish Hair *mana @ Hair Fair 2013
CaTwA HairBase/Teal
=DeLa*= Pumps “Silvera” black
Izzie’s – Asia Eyeshadow purple
Dead Apples Eyes Shattered – Cosmic
Glam Affair – Dark Side – Ginny 05
Poses: Diesel Works Julie 2 & 9

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L’accessoires In World
Zibska Main Store
Zibska Blog



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