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A Hair ‘Af-fair- to Remember

    The 8th Annual Hair Fair  will be opening its ‘doors’ this Saturday, July 13th and will last till Sunday July 28th. More detailed information of course, can be found at the Official Hair Fair Website, along with details about Wigs For Kids, where proceeds will be going after the fair ends. It is a dynamic, worthwhile cause, and every purchase/donation counts!

The sim build for this event, brings out the ‘Crafter’ in me, go figure lol and since this is my first time  to Hair Fair, its pretty exciting to see how creative the builds are. Each store is its own ‘block’ and no you don’t have to take it apart to get in neither ^^

That is pretty cool… I know we’re supposed to be looking at  hair,  but the build theme for this year is just too cool to not mention^^

Wigs For Kids’ mission’ since 1981 has not changed. They are still helping hundreds of children, with this small act of kindness during life’s greatest challenge.

I never realized that they recognized Second Life as part of their on going out reach either. With the amount of hard work and effort that Hair Fair Event Organizers put, it is easy to see why there are results in real life and real time success. They deserve a round of applause and our gratitude doncha think?

So DO make your plans this weekend, maybe save on that last mocha locha venti menti (uhm.. coffee) and put off on another day at the casino.. Go to the Hair Fair and shop for a great cause! You can also join the Hair Fair Demo Group to avoid the lag as well. Links are included after this obscene not for profit ‘subliminal’ image break…..


Thanks for dropping by and hope to see you there 🙂

E-Clipse Slash Ensemble
little bones. Unity Studded Flats
PP – Lora Necklace
-Belleza- Ashley Summerfest SK
Izzie’s – Eyelashes v1.03
Pose: Exposeur Veena Fredishay 2

Hair Fair Website
Hair Fair Demo Group
Hair Fair Subscriber
Hair Fair Photo Contest Winners 2013 



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