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Far Away

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So I have a love and hate relationship with this song. Its still Nickelback and I’m still a sucker for a good love song. Just, DJ, if you’re going to play it please, remix it with something like trance, just so I can hate the @#$! out of it again.. thanks.

Day 2 Prompt: A Song I hate from a band I love
Song: “Far Away”
Band: Nickelback

Thank you to Agnes Sharple who hosted The Tree of Missing Avatars workshop at Alice in Cornelland and for providing the building materials for this project. She has left the materials out for those who wish to do the workshop on their own at LEA11 so do stop by and pick up a copy. You can read more about The Tree of Missing Avatars at Irez.me.

Out of the 6 people I chose for this piece, only 2 remain on my contact list. I miss them all, and I miss the connections. Someday I hope to make them again. Until then, I’ll keep the faith, and nurture the relationships I have now, rather than dwelling on “What used to be’s”.



~Sassy!~ An Afternoon Affair – lavender @ She and Him
-UtopiaH- Mesh Cat Silver Tiara @ She and Him
[HANDverk]Cylinder Necklace.silver/black
=DeLa*= Pumps “Silvera” rose
Magika [Hair] Awake
IKON Ascension Eyes – Black
Izzie’s – Asia Skin peach DB
Izzie’s – Lipstick purple
Izzie’s – Asia Eyeliner silver
Izzie’s – Slink Metallic Nails Applier
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual
Pose: EverGlow Girls 490_1

Other Credits:
The tree of missing avatars @ Alice In Cornelland, LEA11
Spectrum Rainbow Prism by winddy Lane Designs
Weathered Green Copper Wind Chime by Eladon Galsworthy



  1. Aww Bumblebee, what great pix! Yes, Agnes’ tree workshop was so beautiful and bittersweet. I absolutely believe that the virtual world is “real,” but I’d also admit that it isn’t generally as rich and deep as RL can be (haha, RL can be pretty meaningless and superficial too! –hahaHAHA, I think I just said nothing! 😛

    ANYWAY… it is amazing how we come to miss people in a virtual world. Maybe some of them we know really well, but I also think sometimes we don’t know them that well, but they become sort of touchstones or icons for us… I guess that too is true IRL… anyway… I could have done WAY more than 6 peeps, but it was still nice to reflect and also not to do some forever long list but to pick 6 really special peeps. I know my heart pounded just a little as I thought about them.

    (then we had a frog & banana fight)


      • I think so. Sometimes if you really enjoyed someone’s company you can, paradoxically, be ok with them being gone because you spent your time together well. But someone you admire but never quite got to spend time with, could be an unexpectedly bigger loss, a sort of loss or opportunity or possibility…


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