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30 Day Song Challenge The Sequel

Day 1: Song I like from a band I hate~ “What Makes You Beautiful”, One Direction.

Surfing the net on a summer afternoon, isn’t exactly my idea of fun in the sun. However, after stumbling on this RL Blog Challenge, I had a sudden ‘wave’ of inspiration! (that was so cliche, even I rolled my eyes)
Now.. there already is a current SL blog challenge sort of similar, you may have read it or are actually doing it…>LINK HERE again<..
What I am doing is totally, not, that. But its not to say the other one isn’t uber fun too^^

I don’t know about you all, but I love it when I come across posts that have lyrics to a song, a link to a music video that connects with what the author conveys to their reader that day. If the writing keeps me interested past the first pun?  Not only do I subscribe, like, follow, stalk, fave, whatever, I will play that media and fave it too.  I love that moment, when as a reader, the lights turn on in me head and I ‘get it’, (a miracle really) I ‘get’ what that mesh shirt was all about, and I ‘get’ why those pumps go with that system layered Skirt. (ooo I said system layered skirt, that’s taboo now right?)

That moment is like, SL blogging gold right? Riiight \m/ Some of my favorite Second Life Bloggers derive their inspiration of the day from music and I guess I just didn’t want to be left out, hah.

So here I am, challenging my lazy arsenic once again, stepping out of that procra  comfort zone; Writers Block, and am attempting to complete at least…at MOST 80% of another 30 day challenge.  Thanks for dropping by and gee, I hope you ‘get’ what the truck this ones all about :/ Cheers^^

Day 1- A Song I like from a band I hate
Song- What Makes you Beautiful
Band- One Direction

And just in case CozeySL gets inundated with H8 mail from groupies…..

30 Day Song Challenge The Sequel Prompts List


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