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It’s all about…head.

Well really no, its all about identity. But you’re here now!

When I read Vaneeesa’s article about Avatar Selfies, it took me down a path where dim lights and cobwebs doth now reside lol. While I can’t pull up a rendered image of my Text based MMO avatar, (something about the bane of my telnet existence,) I did find other selfies from other worlds and well…. its all about me eh? Click on the images for info about each ‘world’..

Like my big pixelated head? If skin creation was this easy in SL, I would be a godzilla-ionaire.

Here is where I think having a big virtual head is so relevant, that its scary O.o

Self Identity, and our quest to find it, can be an arduous, brutally honest journey. I mentioned in the last post, my little binge on Shrek till the wee hours of the morning. The famous, “Ogres are like onions” phrase is obviously in reference to the make-up of who he is. With every relationship we make, or foster, a layer is shed and we get the joy of getting a deeper glimpse into the ‘person’ on the inside.

Now, I like to twist that around sometimes and look at this ‘onion’ from the inside out. A person who is confident in their self identity, has a strong core/foundation. And the layers (for me) represents our world of influence that we reach and are in everyday. As our ‘layers’ grow larger, we show growth and maturity and that in turn causes us to reach further.. more worlds, more influence.

By the end of the third Shrek, it dawned on me, how much his character had ‘matured’ since his bachelor days, and how his confidence in who he was on the inside, positively influenced an entire kingdom. Its a powerful lesson in self identity… when one finally reaches that point in life, where you just ‘know’ who you are and can trust in that knowledge.

So fellow lurkers what the lesson for today is…. Insomnia is good for deeper  posts like this 🙂 (cut to credits…exit stage right)



  1. OMG, so much philosophy just to say “insomnia is good”! 😛

    Thanks for sharing your awesome many worlds selfies. BTW, today we opened the Big Heads Gallery at LEA11. You’re welcome to come post YOUR Big Head… AND… it’s not limited to SL… you can post your big head from any world! Actually I’m hoping to recruit some peeps from other worlds.

    Happy Thursday!!


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