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Day 29 ~ Purchased

Peace, Love and Sandy Feet.

Earlier this afternoon (28th.. because it is now 2am on the 29th holeh moleh).. I had the pleasure of visiting one of my dearest and oldest friends in world, Nicky Morgath who happened to be renovating yet, again lol. And this inspired me to scout around her region for an empty parcel, since my main home location is mostly green. I’ve missed living near sim water! and I’ve missed terraforming, which was my first love in Second Life.

Setting up scenes is very different than just ‘sliving’ somewhere. My hats off to Home Bloggers for their effort and time to create a coherent scene, it is truly an artform!

Credits should be coming soon and in the mean time, be sure to jump on over to Irez.me for the latest news and update about the ABC Wrap up party and More!



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