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>media problems on SL.. Houston, we have a problem<

Its a few minutes till the Avatar Blogger Challenge Photo Shoot, and wrap up party @ Alice in Cornelland, so I thought I would squeeze in a little work out session.. If you haven’t stopped by TLC’s Poser Pavilion for this month’s round at the Garden, you simply must! Its a veritable blogger feast for the eyes, so many fun designs and props, like Diesel Work’s Bounce. The prop holds all of the animations and you simply right click/menu to get the drop down, and I’m slowly starting to build up my Diesel Work’s inventory bit by bit, because I do love how he makes the hand positions realistic.

Can’t believe its been a whole month since ABC started! Vaneeesa, thank you for making this possible for the virtual blogosphere to be a part of something that has helped me personally grow at least through this medium of immersion. I enjoyed every day of it and the best part is finding other authors who I never would have found just on my own. (Sheeee deserves a Diamond/Platinum/Silver/Ruby encrusted badge ya’ll just sayin’)

Mahalo for stopping by and here’s to another fun filled month at LEA11!


erratic / cary – double tank / lime-turquoise
erratic / briony – shorts / floral blue
.:* LOULOU&CO *:. – Sneakers :: LOLITA :: Black
Tiki Tattoo – Maui
>TRUTH< Ursula – swedish
Slink A/E Casual w/ Basic Nails
-Belleza- Ashley Summerfest SK BL 1 @ Summerfest 2013
IKON Lucid Eyes – Abyss
[ glow ] studio Neonish Glasses (green)
Pose/Prop: Diesel Works’ Bounce @ TLC Boutique
[PF] Yum Bubblegum!

Location> Alice in Cornelland, LEA11


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