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Hair Fair 2013 Entry

Hair Fair 2013 Entry by WendzTempest^
Hair Fair 2013 Entry, a photo by WendzTempest^ on Flickr.

Favorite quotes from The Princess Diaries Movie….

5. Queen Clarisse Renaldi: You have a cousin who’s a contessa. Fondly known as Bartholomew. Actually, we call him Pookie.

4. Joe: Strange town, San Francisco. When I purchased the pumps, they asked if I wanted them wrapped or if I was going to wear them.

3. Queen Clarisse Renaldi: No. It’s not appropriate for royalty to jingle.

2. Paolo: I love your eyebrows! We’ll call them Frida and Kahlo.

1. Paolo: If Brooke Shields married Groucho Marx, their child would have your eyebrows!

Via Flickr:
Name: Wendz Tempest
Model/Photographer: Wendz Tempest
*booN PKJ371 and SCO052 Hair in mat by booN (boo Nakamura
Movie: The Princess Diaries

Hair Fair Official Website! Contest ends before Midnight tonight!

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I do this really neat thing with my ears.


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