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Day 28 ~ Daily Routine

My daily routine, usually consists of catering to the needs (real or imagined) of three very loving (and very hormonal) teenagers. When they were itty bitty, we chose to home school them as I went through a difficult time physically battling End Stage Renal Disease. But as they grew, and I got better, our daily routine changed.

What used to be a laid back atmosphere of crayons, paint, glitter glue on the dining table, soon became 6am drop offs to music lessons, packed lunches, and a  pile of laundry that seems to never end. The times I enjoy most about my current routine, are the times where we can play and forget the ‘real’ world. Forget about the brick and mortar buildings, the long lines at work, the turmoil of just living day to day, with all the noise, and just come back to our home, to our routine. These times are precious treasure to me, and are worth far more than all the diamond ore or Gos Shoes in the whole wide virtual world 😛

It is now Day 28 of the ABC Fitness plan, and even though I’ve missed several days, I am thankful that I got to complete at least 80%. Today marks a special day for a baby blogger like me, too! 100+ Followers earlier this evening and that blew my mind! Do you all actually read this sh…tuff? No worries though… those three hormonals do and are my worst critics. So dish it out if you must, I can handle it.  And for you who lurketh, thank you for making Cozey a part of your routine 🙂

Routines are meant to evolve over time. I used to think of my time, like a platter. (Plate seems too small and I love to eat okay? Okay.) And whenever I add something to this plate, (and not unlike her and her wiener) something else, will either be thrown, tossed, shoved, or worse maybe eaten off! (okay its not that kind of plate). Anyway you get my point. I guess what I’m trying to say is, keep only the healthy stuff on your plate?…Stop going for the desserts! Oh I know..

When you get what you’ve always wanted, remember how badly you wanted it in the first place. A routine that has no room for the more important things/people in life, is an anorexic one. So be good to your soul and lets balance this platter we call life.

Aloha and thank you always, for stopping by to visit.


[LeeZu!] Souci Top (mesh,rigged) /peach
[LeeZu!] Helena High Heel Pants /cream (Materials Ready)
*~*Damselfly*~*Hadiya Mesh Brown Mocha Splash
IKON Ardent Eyes – Platinum
Glam Affair – Lulu 01 DK @ The Arcade
Poses> aDORKable’s Snappy Dork Series
Location> LeeZu’s SL10B Exhibit Creeper Romantic Scenery in collaboration with GM Nikolaidis @ Stupendous



  1. Congrats on a hundred! and GEESH! Yes Mom, I’ll eat my brussel sprouts, if I have to.. I guess. >.< (and I always read your stuffs, my week of BumbleBee is a highlight of my Friday morning) ❤


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