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Day 26~ Access Your Eyes with Zibska

Earlier this week, Project Sunshine made our MOTD. This has nothing to do with the designer I’ll be gushing about in the next few lines, but it has all to do with how well Second Life performs on our side of the computer screen. It is also my post for Day 26 at the ABC Fitness Gym 🙂 The word/phrase prompt that I got for today was ‘Something Old’.  Client side bake fails are the something olds and hopefully Project Sunshine will be our something new~

For those in Rio Linda, here’s Torley’s official word on Project Sunshine and even though I’m late to the game, I’ve already noticed a huge difference in bake/rez whatever, time on the Beta Viewer, which is awesome \m/ And with all graphics sliders to the right, ultra, anti aliasing, the works, you name it I’ve slid it! (uh yeah okay) and even on my mediocre PC, texture load times are faster.

Have any of you noticed any difference on your viewer? Does it affect your game-play?

Right. So Zibska everything, is new to me.. and this fangirl loves Zib Scaggs’ edgy designs! She creates almost other worldly pieces hailing from a fashion atmosphere that I can only dream of visiting.  Every once in a while however, something will click in my head, and I can actually put together a coherent look and not shame her creations.

lighting missed her ankles! tsk tsk

These pictures are as raw as a chapped lip in cold December.  I’ve included the non-cropped img links as well. I was very pleased with how the lighting turned out. Sometimes it pays to play with your Windlight  for 3 hours LOL! The downside to using the Beta Viewer for me, is that I lose my saved Windlights and it just be another hassle to load them after every update so, my abstract randomness continues lol.

Thanks for visiting today and be sure to check out all the hyperlinks! Never know when I’ll pingback to you 😉


Zibska ~ Alienor ~ Fawn
Zibska ~ Delve Earrings
Zibska ~ Lily Hat (also comes with collar/not shown)
[Gos] Boutique – Mae Platform – Nude
-Glam Affair – Zara – America Clean D
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand Elegant 1
Izzie’s – Eyelashes v1.03
IKON Vanity Eyes – Parchment (M)
-Glam Affair- Couture Eyeliner no.02
Poses: Glitterati Headshot 6; Diesel Works Shyla 8




  1. raw shots can be really good you know, especially if you tweak the windlights. sometimes I may take 3-4 hours going through windlights just to get the shot that is pleasing to me. I must remember to save those 😛 lol


    • every once in a while I’ll hit a color combo (windlight) that looks really nice.. I noticed that if i pick a medium to lighter hue for the sun/moon the shadows on the face don’t look so harsh and makes the picture more subtle over all~


  2. Wow, thank you for the awesome post, I am honoured. You styled a look that never would have occurred to me and I love it!

    Beta user here too, 99% of the time everything is set to the right and most definitely faster now. Your photo quality is awesome and I am rather pleased to read I am not the only one who will spend a lot of time messing about with the windlight settings to get them jusssst right 🙂

    Obviously it is much quicker to do a quick shoot and photoshop away but I’ve always liked the challenge of taking raw shots that need no editing beyond cropping. Definitely save the windlight settings as you come across them, even if you aren’t using that specific one at the time, when you go to shoot in the future it works well to have a number of presets to scroll thru then refine the one you like best (often creating a new setting) for the particular shot.

    ~ Zib


    • Your honored, I’m flabbergasted! thank you for stopping by here! Its so much ‘funner’ now that everything rezzes in faster and especially with your pieces they are just awesome to work with 😀


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