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L2S #18 Location Location Location

I have to hand it to the owners of Vipera, their region is fast becoming my favorite place to practice photography. There are hidden places and spaces where you can capture a great background and that plenty of hard work was put in designing the sim. Plus, the folks who come here are very kind and welcoming 😀 I wanted to put this post under my accessories (Access Your Eyes) category, because of the goodness and glamour that is, Zibska. Now I will readily admit these pictures were heavily edited and therefore not really fair to the creation. Its kind of a no brainer, when we feature jewelry or accessories, they kinda should be the focal point of  the image yah? (Yeah see, thats why its called ‘Learning’ oy vey.. my mom didn’t raise an Einstein obviously) Soooo, I shall make it a point to show off ‘Vova’ in a future post, hopefully. And if you’re  interested in taking a non edited view of ‘Vova’ check it out here 🙂 Thank you once again to Diamonique and Damien for creating a virtual space that fits really Cozey-like! Credits: *Zibska~ Vova Womens @ L’accessories for June Zibska ~ Evion Earrings Other Credits: [Amarelo Manga] – Dress Skull with Handbag .: ryvolter :. Ulla Translucent Pumps – Black erratic / tory – cropped biker jacket / glossy black :[P]:- Astrali Skin-FLF:// Stratus Bare Slink Mesh Hands (av) Gesture S Right Slink Mesh Hands (av) Elegant1 S Left >TRUTH< Sassy 2 w/Roots – treacle *REDGRAVE* Eyelashes -06- Natural IKON Vanity Eyes – Parchment (M) Essences – Hangover Eyeliner 04 aDORKable Poses: Smart Various Location: Vipera



  1. I appreciate that you let your readers know the photo is edited. Although, from their blog photos, you can’t really see the jewelry as well as in yours. I appreciate an artistic photo as much as the next person, but I actually prefer simple product shots that show off the item…not how talented the creator is using processing software.

    Just my two cents worth 😉


    • I feel the same way about product shots and the really great thing about Zib Scaggs’ is that she makes sure her images are all about what she creates, thankfully because I get so mixed up sometimes looking at pile-ups and what not, figuring out what is for sale :/ xoxo


  2. I adore Zib, in fact I tell her I am daunted by her pics most days, I see her pictures and I think that is the perfect showing of that picture, I don’t anyone could do a better picture with it, but BUT I LOVE how you showed it! Amazing way to incorporate in a dailywear outfit! kudos Bumblebee!


    • thank you Cao omg thats awesome you! yeah anytime I can get anything Zibska on me, everything else doesn’t seem to matter lolol ❤


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