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Day 21 ~ Pretty Pattern

!MC FTW! #speakinginacronymsmakesformigraine

I’m a sucker for swimwear. Even the frilly girly kine! So while the 3D Flowers Bikini from Baiastice may not have a typical pretty pattern on the suit itself, it does have rows of 3D flowers all lined up nice, tidy and forming their own pattern 😀 How’s that for a tie in to the title! at 4am pst no doubt :/ 

And finally found a place to include Maxwell Graf’s Friggin Laser Shark which was gifted to me a while back and well. It agreed to be my ‘victim’ for the shoot. I’m not sure my 2D based Diamond Sword can do any damage on a … laser shark. He does have lasers after all. I want lasers shooting out of my eyes in world! Are there any creators that have them? (ADD’ SL’ moment sorry)

Back to the patterns! I’ve noticed more designers incorporating different Polynesian patterns in their creations this summer. Some on apparel, some on furniture. And I’ve also noticed that ‘sameness’ happening with textures this shopping season too. I love hibiscus as much as the next person but it would be cool to see more Polynesian type patterns other than whats been the norm. Plumerias are nice!

I’m finally getting over whatever bug came my way and able to keep liquids down, so I should be catching up on posting soon. 
As always, mahalo for stopping by and do visit the  Avatar Blog Challenge at Irez.Me for an in depth look at participating blogs 🙂

minimal touchup left some pukas in the kinis. (google is our friend)

Baiastice_3D Flowers bikini-light yellow @ Summerfest 2013
EarthStones Hemp Hair Beads – Pearl Princess
EarthStones Cayuse Bracelet – Moss Agate
EarthStones Triple Hippie Bracelet – Earth Spice
BoHo HoBo Friendship Bracelet *Give Away!* Gifts @ BoHo HoBo
*BOOM* Knit Friendship Bracelet (pattern red) Right
*BOOM* Knit Friendship Bracelet (pattern blue) Left
[Gos] Boutique – Barefeet V2 – Flat
-Belleza- Summer Skin
Tiki Tattoo – Maui
Tiki Tattoo – Ahunui
Candy Nail #P027 Clear French 3color change prim nails
booN GAS760 hair in mat
booN gathered raised hairbase mat
IKON Ascension Eyes – Black (M)

Other Stuffs:
Tabloid & Ma Vie.- Shaka Brah Surfboard – Shark Attack! (Rare @ June Arcade Gatcha Fair)
Tabloid – Shaka Brah Surfboard – Aloha pink
Tiki Blue Beach Towel by Siggy Romulus
Rustica – Friggin Laser Shark (Rideable!) by Maxwell Graf (GIFT!)
*~*HopScotch*~* Got his head Sword
Poses> aDORKable’s Smart Various



  1. LOVE the picture! LOL!

    I also totally LOVE the friggin’ Laser Shark! I made a visit to The Men’s Department just to pick one up! If you didn’t get the instruction note card with your gift, you need to see it. It’s as priceless as the shark 😀

    Mine now lives on my beach, next to the surfboard with a shark-sized bite taken out of it 😉

    Glad you’re starting to feel better 🙂


  2. OMG what a cute bikini! Love all those little flowers! Aww… poor shark… stabbed with a minecraft sword! What a way to go! Oh well, they say that death is a dish that is best served low rez! 😛


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