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Ruca Tease for Midsummer Night’s Dream Gridwide Hunt June 21-July 21

The Midsummer Night’s Dream Hunt has officially started! You can find this parteeeeekular gift at Ruca Tease this year and remember , its a month long hunt so plenty of time to turn over pots, rocks, plants and a slab of concrete, or three 😀

Happy Hunting and maybe I’ll catch you for the hunt.. I mean catch you on the hunt? With? I don’t know I’m sick irl and my typonese is vomiting out.. oy.

*Ruca Tease Dreams Dress w/ Shoes | MSND Hunt Gift
PF Harley Peach #4 @ The Arcade
Exile’s Hold on Loosely
(shall try to find the poses too)


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I do this really neat thing with my ears.


    • Thank you Peep. I’m really thinking about bringing in a few gallons of bleach and hosing down my rl job office lol


      • I’m with Peep – feel better! And is the full bleach wash really necessary? It always damages so many documents and wreaks havoc with keyboards. Wouldn’t a simple spray disinfectant suffice?

        Feel Better! 🙂


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