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Emil from Ruca Tease

Bonadea Avedon of Ruca Tease presents the Emil flirty summer dress~ A complete ensemble that includes a gorgeous handbag with added features and pose, as well as matching sandals and a great pair of sunglasses. That’s an entire outfit in one magical box!

Try the demo in world today and if you haven’t toured around Ruca Teases’ main store location, it really is a treat 😀

Ruca Tease also has a fantastic Maze this year at the SL10B celebrations on Electrify. Here’s a taxi for you, bring along a friend and see if you can make it through in one piece! (or two if you brought the friend O.O)


Featured Items:

Dress> Ruca Tease’ Emil Flirty Summer Outfit by Bonadea Avedon includes:

  • Wedge Shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Emil Shoulder Bag (with a HUGE selection of functions in the menu.. just click on the purse, choose your goodies, locate them in your inventory/Recent items, right click to select and choose “Add” or “Add to worn”. I am holding the ‘Water Bottle’… because half way through the maze, my avatar started melting 😛

Ruca Tease’ Main Store 
Ruca Tease’ Exhibit @ SL10B
  RT Website!


Other Items:

Hair> Eaters Coma Gift 03
Skin> Belleza’s Amy #2 BBB
Eyes> Mayfly Deep Sky Light Persian Blue w2 (new!)
Location> SL10B Electrify Ruca Tease Exhibition
Sorry I can’t for the life of me, remember what the poses were!)


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I do this really neat thing with my ears.


    • Yes let’s! we’ll paint the town with hues, blues and purple shoes! (No idea where that came from, too much caffeine maybe)


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