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Day 13 ~ From A Distance

For Day 13 of my ABC fitness regime (almost caught up!) I took  the above snapshot. Probably not the best snapshot of SL10B, but I wanted to get everything I could into it. Kinda like when I want everyone to be in a group picture.. even the family behind us that I don’t know? Yeah I’m THAT person on  your holiday vacation O.O

So much to see, so much to do, so little bandwidth! Pretty excited about SL10B (as if I haven’t talked about it enough right?) because it will be my first year actively participating.

And I say this a lot, but it really is amazing to see all the communities/exhibits, in one place.  I realize we joke a lot about being anti-social (well, for the majority of the sl blogosphere anyway), but after a while, this Piscean needs the company of others… merfolk, sea otters, humans, faes, vampires…even Giant Snail Racers!

This is pretty much why I volunteered as a greeter/hostess…. to see the Giant Snail Racers, pay homage to the ‘Man’ , run through the Cornfields with my Dizzy Bumper, and maybe meet some of you!










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