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Day 11 ~ Something Fun

Just a few more days till the Public Opening of SL10B! And to celebrate, I brought over a few friends 😀 Welcome to procrastination 101.. again! Day 11 and still catching up at the Crossfit Gym…

I did have a chance to tour over half the regions but it’ll take longer than one day for sure to see all that there is this year. At Midnight tonight is Press Day at SL10B and you are all in for a TREAT! Since I’m only part of the Host/Greeter group and not a ‘press’ person, I thought it would be cool to put my ‘Top 20 (or so) favorite Exhibits” here sans slurls…

What’s really neat for you geo-directional types, will be the street names however, and with the region name at least that gives you a starting point of reference O.O (it’s a rather long read, but thank you ahead of time if you make it to the end!)

Official Map by Harlequin Rhode (please see note of correction on my behalf at the end of the post>updated 6/16)

Harlequin Rhode

Harlequin Rhode

My Top 20  Favorite Exhibits at SL10B!

1. History Walk @ Beguile: Comprehensive Time line and summary of Second Life’s earliest stages, Lindenworld etc. Also includes original builds.
***** 5 Stars for predated Linden Labs summary.
Also a great vantage point to see Impressive and Spellbound… the turtle, so urn up your draw distance!

2. Single Frame Stories Exhibit @ Wonderous
East 5th/East 5th and Da Boom Streets. Also includes Previous SLB celebration flags down the drive.

3. Giant Snail Exhibit @ Wonderous! 
Corner of Da Boom and East 7th  Also Tour Pod Station Rez your own pod! there are 3 Stations total at SL10B

4. SLC Playground and Safe Place @ Beguile
Clyde and West 6th street

5. Bay City History Pavilion @ Beguile
Comprehensive history and timeline of one of the earliest communities on SL.
Welsh and West 5th

6. 7Seas SL10B Community Homage @ Astound
Hawthorne St. and West 8th

7. Message in a Bottle Exhibit @ Enchant
Hear resident’s commemorate and testimonials of their Second Life.
Cartier BLVD and East 9th

8. Loki Eliot’s Ancient Dinosaur Build @ Wonderous
East 6th and Beach

9. Firestorm Viewer Exhibit @ Wonderous
Busch Blvd and East 6th

10. Treet TV Exhibit and Station @ Astonish
Metalhead ST and east 6th

11. MBTV Metaworld Broadcasting Exhibit @ Spectacular
Metalhead and East 7th

12. Mongoose MC’s Evolution of the SL Motorcycle @ Astonish
Leviathan and East 5th

13. University of Washington Exhibit @ Astonish
Learn more about attaining a Certification in Virtual Worlds at the UW
Metalhead and East 2nd

14. HuntSL Museum of Hunting @ Astonish
East 5th and Metalhead

15. Hayabusa Design SL10B Tribute for Nature is an Art @ Pizzazz
by Mitsuko Kytori and Motoko Oanomochi
East 17th and Digeridoo

16. Willowdale Schools Exhibit @ Pizzazz
East 17th and Digeridoo

17. The Original London Sims Exhibit @ Dazzle
East 18th and Metalhead

18. MadPea Exhibit @ Dazzle
East 19th and Jones

19. Linden Bear Island @ Bear Island
It’s all the bear necessities of a Second Life!

20. Newly added, ‘The Cornfield” @ Cornfield1
Yes it is THAT Cornfield..Read more about this legendary region here.

SL10B promises to be one of the biggest and most celebrated of all events this year, so make it first on your SL honey-do list and rediscover your virtual world all over again!


Photo credits:

Linden Labs Old Library Avatars : Female Furry, The Fireman, Little Red Riding Hood

You can see the rest of the avatars at Harper Beresford’s A Passion for Fashion

Bumblebee: *SL10B Official Host Tshirt by Bonadea Avedon of Ruca Tease*, Tres Blah JuJu Jeans, little bones studded Unity Flats, Pink Fuels’ Purple Strip Gatcha Skin for March Arcade; Emotion’s Windblown hair in snow and *22769’s Sputnick Headphones (NEW) for June’s L’acessories!*

Glinda: *SL10B Official Host Tshirt for kids by Bonadea Avedon of Ruca Tease*; SP Fashion Me Bumble Bee Costume w/ tights and shoes and headband only; Cute Byte’s Hoonee Skin; creatives! hair in spinned wine

Photo Prop by Adorkable Peapod, “The In Crowd”

_______________________CORRECTION 6/16_________________________

I mistakenly gave credit in error to KT Syakumi for the SL10B map design and I apologize both to the SL10B community and to Harlequin Rhode who is the actual graphic designer. Thanks much and thank you Harlequin for bringing this to my attention.



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