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Pixel Potential – The ‘Minecraftian’ @ Irez.Me

Hurray! Pixel Potential is now posted at  and believe me when I say, it is going to be an adventure 😉 Very excited to see how it plays out and a big thank you to Vanessa Blaylock again, for allowing me to talk a bit about ‘that other world’ and all of its pixelated goodness~

Speaking of pixel goodness, ‘I am still geeking out’ over Hopscotch’s Gatcha Prizes at the Arcade Gatcha Fair… and I know I’m not alone! The IRATA brings back memories doesn’t it? Back when it was fashionable to walk barefooted to your cousins house down the street to ‘trade’ cartridges. Cartridges! That’s not even in our modern vernacular anymore is it??

I haven’t been on top of the fashion blogging like I want to, so am hopeful this week will go a lot smoother.

Thanks for dropping by and if you would like any of the credits for the picture feel free to leave a message 😀



  1. Ooooh, how cool was that! Now we have to not just make gold stars for star bloggers… but also gold stars for star sons who turn moms on to cool software and keep us on the cutting edge! Yay!!!


    • isn’t that something though? I’m just waiting for the day when he thinks its way uncool to be gaming buddies with your mum LOL


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