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Day 9 ~ Faceless Self Portrait

You wouldn’t shoot a female Creeper would you? I missed a day on purpose for the Avatar Blogger Challenge at Irez.me, just to be at the same level with everyone else. And then wouldn’t you know, I missed the midnight posting! Woke up with a lovely waffle face (keyboard face) and well, I guess now would be a good time to cover that up with Hopscotch’ Got His Head prop! 

Chandni Khondji of Hopscotch has the cutest and eclectic set of poses and props ever, so when I saw her promo on tumblr, I ran around the house, totally geeked out,  screaming.. and jumping.. and clapping my hands. Pretty ‘awkward’ for my teenagers to witness let me tell ya 🙂

As luck would have it, I ended up with 2 rares from Chandni’s Gatcha machine, the exact ones I needed wanted each on the first try! But  of course, I need want everything at the Arcade, just to say I have it. Can anyone relate? :/

Its never too late to start your ABC fitness regime! Just hop on over to Irez.me and join in on the fun!

And thanks for dropping by~

Featured Items:

Top> erratic’s Mindy Tshirt ‘Awkward’ in black

Bottom> C’est la vie! Ribbon Belt Skirt

Leggings> DeeTaleZ Glow Gold Leggings


Pose> eXpression’s Arcade Custom Pose for March Arcade, Headphone 2 for Female

Props> Minecraft Block Collection v1.0 by Kithsuneca Eilde



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