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Haiku Speedbuild #2, Alice in Cornelland

“Haikus are funny, they feed me inspiration, way better than fruit” by Bumblebee 🙂

Later today at 2pm slt cross fit members of the  ABC will be having a photo-shoot and unfortunately I can’t go 😦 But I still wanted to be a part of today’s festivities at LEA11 and sooooo, here is my build inspired by Ross Venokur’s Haiku! Gesundheit! Its a family favorite in my home and bless me, I actually built something under an hour!

Thanks for dropping by and do check out Irez.me’s Second Life world to see a list of other events happening today!



  1. Your trees are so cool Bumblebee! Thanks for coming and playing today! LMK if your kids can suggest any other cool Haiku or Short Poem books! 🙂


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