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Ruca Tease Fashions presents the EIMAI Gown~

You know the best time to shop for apparel is in the morning, right when you get up. You’re not bloated with lunch or venti mochas, you feel lighter, your waist feels tighter and after a good stretch you even feel taller! Okay all kidding aside, or not, its been a bit since my last fashion/styling-or-die-trying, post, and wanted to get the word out that Bonadea Avedon’s on a roll, with her newly released EIMAI Gown!

And just in time for the summer! You really can’t go wrong with a nice chevron-esque design either.. very contemporary and chic. The ensemble also includes heels with 3 skin tones as well as the texture HUD for the gown, 6 prints to choose from! It’s a smart bargain, these texture HUD thingies that designers are using now..

You can find the demo of the EIMAI gown in world at Ruca Tease here. Ruca Tease will also be participating in SL10B and the exhibit from what I have seen so far is fantastic! Can’t wait to show it off, can’t wait till SL10B begins!

/me puts down her triple shot venti macchiato and waves Aloha!

Featured Items:

Gown> *Ruca Tease’ EIMAI gown with Texture HUD ft. 6 designs to choose from~

Also includes Shoes/mesh feet in 3 colors!! Ensemble can be found @ Ruca Tease

Furniture> Ruca Tease’  Mesh Bar includes drink givers animations and more! Demo Available at store


Other credits:

Hairdid>Magika’s Bliss (new!) @ Magika

Skin> The Plastik’s Astrali Skin Series, Stratus (bare) for Fifty Linden Friday 6/7/13

Hands>Slink’s Casual mesh hands

Eyes> Ikon’s Vanity Eyes in parchment

Poses> aDORKable’s Snappy Dork  #5  & Everglow’s Girls 636


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