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Pixel Potential

Taking a breather, and enjoying the china blue skies! Veering off of Second Life for a few to blurb about another gaming platform that I’m  addicted a very big fan of; former indie game giant now rocking the mainstream, welcome to the marvelous world of Minecraft!

I had heard about MC from my youngest son a few years ago, as the latest rage. We both scoured through websites, forums and tutorials but the 8 bit pixels turned me off instantly. Didn’t I graduate from this stuff way back in kindy garten? It looked very Atari-anesque (for lack of a better word lol).

However, a friend/former Second Life boss brought it to my attention, that he was in fact hosting a Minecraft server and asked if we (and the other staff members) would like to try it out. He is an indie-gaming addict on wheels with no rear view mirror, and it was his genuine passion and excitement that caused me one fateful summer to ask my son to try a demo version with dear old mum. And after 2 weeks, my other children joined in, as well as the other staff members children.

Talk about a virtual community! His Minecraft server eventually became my Second Life breakroom if you will. There were many times I would hide there rather than ‘working’ in the club.  I just can’t resist a good adventure with my children. And I found that the time we spent together, building and communicating, cooperating, working on projects (in MC!), taught us valuable lessons. It taught my children valuable lessons. Lessons about responsibility and accountability. Life lessons, netiquette, how NOT to grief other players, leadership skills, time management even!…. seriously!

All while building their own virtual community. Worlds within worlds despite being ‘worlds’ apart. Were we in fact training them subconsciously to someday graduate to Second Life? Not entirely sure. But we could always use new residents eh?

Which brings me to my virtual community. There isn’t a day that goes by while I am plugged into SL, where I don’t find some kind of bridge or tie in to Minecraft. Every region I explore, every virtual design and creation I get to see or wear, has its roots in building. Granted they are both different games/platforms they are very similar in that they are open ended. We make our own story and we create the the art that goes with it.

Within the next week or so, I will be featuring the more artsy part of Minecraft over at’s Worlds for Minecraft. Now, I’m not really a technical or gaming expert, however, I have an appreciation for builders and their motivating inspiration for their creations. (say that 10 times fast!) And so be sure to hop on over to the under Worlds, then Minecraft, to catch my upcoming Pixel Potential feature 🙂

Until then, thanks for dropping by and have a great start to your weekend!

Typical day in a brand new world.

Never leave the children home… with a bucket of lava. *facepalms*



1st block Second Life default prim with wood texture

2nd block Dirt block from Minecraft Block Collection v1.0 by Kithsuneca Eilde

3rd block Apple Fall (scarlet apple) Blockies 1×1 in blue (March Arcade)



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I do this really neat thing with my ears.


  1. Aww, yay, how exciting! I just downloaded the iPad version a week ago… and finally figured out how to fly! 😛

    I should probably do the full version which I assume has… uh… more robust blocks!

    Thanks for sharing this sweet story, and of course, excited for your contribution over at “the other place!” 🙂


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