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Day 8 ~ Technology

Made it to The Cross Fit Gym at Alice in Cornelland  to take a spin ( a spin?) on our Avatar Blogger Challenge Treadmills and I was really blown away by the immersion factor. It was really cool seeing other blogger treadmills and their nifty monitors ready for posting, thanks Paypaback Writer for the heads up by the way! Sometimes I wonder how I ever neglected the educational part of Second Life.

If you haven’t had a chance to visit any of the LEA sims, it is a great start to learning about Linden Lab’s vision for Second Life as a whole. I admit I didn’t even realize LEA existed until I researched a bit, and Vaneesa was kind enough to answer some of my questions as well.

I guess living under a virtual rock, was the ‘it’ thing to do or so I uh heard :/

I realize a lot of the ‘educational’ parts of Second Life has moved to other grids, but sure am glad some of it has stayed. This is the Second Life that a majority of players have yet to discover, and appreciate. After all, immersion begins with education. And education in this case starts with technology~

Cheers 🙂


Shirt> T Junction’s ZOMG!

Shorts> Kalrau’s Sport Shorts | Women


  • Magic Nook’s Highland Scarf sky blue
  • Iruco’s gacha blow glasses in green

Shoes> hoorenbeek’s Pegasus in black/white

Hairdid> 0 style’s Komugi | chestnut

Eyes> Ikon’s Vanity Eyes | parchment

Location> Alice in Cornelland on LEA11



  1. lizziegudkov says

    *waves hello* Great post! The Avatar Blogger Month is extremely interesting. It brings a lot of people together, each sharing his/her own diversity. I too believe SL has an educational potential rivaled by no other grid. Sadly, the decision not to support Universities, non-profit organizations, etc. pushed people out of SL into other grids. Having said this, Sl is very much alive and the stubborness of SL’s resident make things like LEA and other events happen!


  2. Fun stuff eh? Although I think I might of gone a bit overboard on the diorama decoration myself… oh well, go big or go home right? I love the idea of all of these bloggers doing something together, albeit independently, at LEA 11. I’m having a great time exploring the participating blogs and putting a whole new reading list together 🙂


  3. I’ve never been in SL, but this picture really makes me want to go there and see what’s happening. There is a monitor with my blog on there too, I think. Anyway, love the picture and greetings from a fellow challenger!


    • thanks for stopping by! it really is worth a try at least for a week hehe mind you that everyone else told me to run haha!

      I’ll definitely have to stop by your station soon!


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