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Day 6 ~ Childhood Memory

Itadaki-masu! Time fo’ eat!

Once upon a time, there lived a young girl on a rock in the middle of the sea. And it came to pass, when she was well into her teens, that her family made an ominous journey to a land far far away. Leaving behind generations of cousins, aunties, uncles, grandparents, close friends, traditions and her beloved home,  her world was undeniably, undoubtedly changed forever. And to this day, she ponders every now and then, did the journey change her for the better?

Welcome to my entry for Day 6 of Avatar Blogger Month hosted by Irez.me 😀 I’ve mentioned a few times here, that I was born and raised in the state of Hawaii, more specifically on the island of Maui. And the title of today’s post evokes bittersweet memories. Its coming on to 2o years since I’ve visited home, and many of the older generation are gone, along with their stories, our language, music and some of our  heritage.

I can’t even recalled the last time I ever spoke fluent Hawaiian to any one here in the mainland, which is pretty sad because it is so beautiful.  I see more and more Polynesians moving here, whether because of the economy or education or both, I don’t know. What I do know is that some part of my childhood, culture, history, whatever, ought to be passed to the next generation. Even with what little I have learned.

Sooooo, this week I will be dusting off my RL ukulele and old VHS hula videos from the 80’s, and attempt to teach my keikiis what it means to ‘Hang Loose’.. and no, that wasn’t meant to sound dirty 😛 I’ll teach them how to walk with flip flops the right way, how to talk Hawaiian pidgin, how to eat rice with your hands, although that could be more of a filipino thing :/ How to make your own bento box for lunch  for once tyvm, why you need to eat the tapioca in bubble tea .. and then maybe just maybe, they can make childhood memories of their own.

Mahalo nui loa for dropping by fellow lurkers. Do visit Irez.me’s official website and be in the know about worlds beyond worlds! Discovery is the best journey!

of course theres outfit picture yah? Hello little plumeria! Lost the poor thing in inventory!

Featured Items:

Jacket> Ricielli Mesh Blazer in Pastel/Mint

Top> {Happy} Timeless Beauty Blouse in rose | Non Mesh

Skirt> Ricielli Drapped Skirt Laced Lilac


Hair> Exile’s Bad Reputation | New! Available @ Exile 

Skin> Essences‘ Gemini 03 in Light rose Available @ The Zodiac for May/June

Poses> Img1 Nspiration’s Sun Shiney Smile3, Img 2,3 aDORKable’s Smart various Available @ The Zodiac for May/June


Other items:

Eyes> Mayfly’s Deep Sky Mesh Eyes October Morning w2

Hands> Slink’s Relaxed Mesh Mands

Nails> Kosh’ Metal & Matte Fingernails #2

Props> .:Standby Inc. Kaeru Ramen and Kuma Boba Bento Boxes from the March Arcade

  Mainland Music Instruments’ Lanikai Curly Koa Concert Ukulele by Paul Ge

**Pssst hui! If you’re still around, I wanted to share more pretty Hawaiian Music here 🙂 Enjoy~



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