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Bubbly busy Bumblebee

This week’s SL Meme presented by Strawberry Singh, evokes a rather pleasant walk through poetry and prose. Eloquence and forethought, the words uttered in the deepest darkest of dreams… Chhh yeah I’m only teasing. Nuuuu, we’re not groaning and moaning (well, not from the challenge anyway nyuck nyuck).. Acrostic Poems are actually quite fun, especially when we’re wide-eyed bushy tailed/ready to take over the world- awake! At 3pm in the afternoon.

My first attempt shall be a nonsensical poke at the nickname I would never have chosen for myself, but given with love.

B ubbly busy Bumble Bee
U perturbed with life’s weird frequencies
M umbles and mashes, thoughts so erratic
B lames the coffee and too much static
L oves and laughs at small instances
E specially reading other bloggers nuances

B ored easily with fluff
E ntertained by the more deeper stuff
E xotic, enticing, ethereal, isn’t that enough?

Moonfish eating bug…premiers tonight on SLTV.

So now for a more deeper dig, mayhaps a little rhyme just for kicks. However, that this one did get a bit deep and dramatic in the middle. No worries though, I shall redeem myself in your eyes hopefully by the time you stop throwing tomatoes.

W is for wonky, whimsical at best
E is enduring, life’s greatest tests
N is for naive, for so I have been told
D is for the dogma for which I have been sold
Z is for the zing, each time I’ve been told a lie

T is for the torture, where the lying souls wait to die
E is for eternal, a prize worth to pursue
M is for the mark, to prove that I am true
P is for purpose, one cannot live without
E is for exclusive, for love will seek you out
S is for the spirit, that tugs the heart of men
T is for the trials by which we learn to love again.

She’s singing, “Tell me have you seen the marvelous breadfish”… srsly.

And last but certainly not least, the ode to Second Life’s 10th Birthday, simply one of the best virtual communities I have had the pleasure to join.

S illy
E ducator’s
C omputer based
O nline
N everending
D ichotomy of…

L earning and
I mmersion, for fun and
F everish
E ntertainment!

I mean really, where else can we get chased by celestial moonfishies… while wearing wings.. and antennae.. and heels?

Thanks for stopping by fellow bloggers and residents and thank you Strawberry for a terrific meme, now I  understand why we all have that sense of being back in the classroom when we participate… you’re a teacher! 😀

Second Life Memes @… jump aboard!

Featured Items:

Dress> Schadenfreude Into the Woods Dress


  • Pacific Sunrise’ Bee Wings from Bee Fairy Costume by Jane Wolfenhaut
  • Bees through the Season Gift Bee Antenna
  • lassitude & ennui’s Stacked Pearls in white
  • Kosh’s Nebula Bracelet and Ring

Tattoo> erratic’s koi tattoos shade 3 faded 2

Hairdid> Exile’s All Over You

Shoes> Gos Boutique Grace Sandals Mirror

Skin> Glam Affair’s Luria 04 from the March Arcade  (can you tell I’m desperately wanting to get into the Arcade? le sigh)

Eyes> Ikon’s Ardent Eyes in Platinum

Makeup> Essences‘ Hangover Liner 02

                    White Widow’s Face Tattoo Pisces in white

Pose 1> Ma Vie’s Underwater Love

Pose 2-4 including Props> Weather! or not? Moonflounder Celestial Dream fish (World Goth Fair find)

Windlight> Purple



  1. hahaha yes, you caught me! I’m a 1st grade teacher and I absolutely adored your poems. They were so much fun, as is the picture in this post, lol! ❤


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