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Talk 101

the caption should read “oh no, this is a ‘fruity’ phone!” (don’t shoot me Peep! lolol)

Wow. It’s one of those Tuesdays that feels like it should be a Friday. And the clincher is this post is for Strawberry’s Monday, Memes lol! Its all good, they are all fun to do and you ought to check out her entire Blog Challenges Category if you love a good read. Might even get the courage to join 😀

Strawberry’s Communication Meme..  on your mark, get ready and… sit!

1. Who did I last speak to inworld today? Oh man. I fail right here, didn’t get to speak to anyone today, bummer! (I spoke to the lag, does that count? “Hurry up and rez!!”)

2. Who has taught you the most about SL? Think, think, think, think…its a toss up between 5 people :/

  • Ricky Rolendis: RP and SL public etiquette i.e. don’t assume your mic is off after a private conversation.
  • Pretender Pizarro: Tips and tidbits about club managing, scripting, and how NOT to delete your Zyngo Machines.
  • Sookie Galdonado: Where to shop and how to pay for tier (right click and pay tada! jk)
  • Sterling Hagaromo: More tips and tidbits about club management, scripting, marketing on a virtual platform, computer geeky stuff to help with my game-play
  • Deryk Blackheart: and yet more scripting tips, building, more computer geeky stuff oh..and he never fails to remind me that this will be his 10th SL birthday as well (Tom Marten)..

3. Who do you turn for help? The folks I’ve listed in #2. And lately for fashion tips, besides fabulous bloggers like yourselves, most assuredly I turn to my sis Cougar Sangria.

4. Who is the most entertaining person on your friends list? Nicky Morgath.

5. Do you speak to your SL friends outside of SL? Yes.

6. Are you part of a community or family inworld? Sort of. A few years ago, I really wanted to try the whole family RP ideal complete with prim baby and prim white fences and prim pets. Some of that still lingers and for the time that I get to spend in-world with them. Also talk a bunch in the Minecraft community and just recently joined SL10B as well. (its almost here by the way!)

7. Are you usually around a lot of people or do you spend most of your time alone inworld? Mostly alone now and I like it like that. I think retirement from the ‘club’ scene is making me old and crotchety though, I’ve forgotten how to have convo’s like, “Hey how are you? This DJ is awesome!”… now its, “Hey how are you, I love your hair! Where did you get it?” O.O

Right, so all in all, I’ve scaled back some on the communication ‘front’ and have relegated myself to a platform and boxes of boxes (as you can plainly see lol). I rather enjoy this almost bohemian SL lifestyle, no set time to log in, no hours to keep track of or people to manage. Just fun, fashion and a friendly hug now and then, idle or not.

Thanks for stopping by and much aloha to Strawberry Singh for the Communications meme>>Link to current week!

Featured Items:

Top> Pure Poison’s Abby Shirt | Newspaper | Available @ SL Fashion Week

Pants> erratic’s Zoey Leather Black pants

Shoes> N-Core’s Illusion XtremeHeel Galaxy


  • Ring L> {me.} Rock n Chic Gold Ring

Hairdid> Exile’s Sparke and Fade New Available @ Exile Main Store

Skin> Pink Fuel’s Alyx in Peach / Smokey Eye A

Eyes> Ikon’s Destiny Eyes in black | Available @ TLC’s The Boutique

Poses> Gaeline Creations Phone Addict  Girl AO w/ prop by Gael Streeter ;

Embody’s Talk to Me w/ prop by Radagast Lexington



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