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Day 4 ~ Favorite Color (s)

A couple of weeks ago I attempted to do a 30 Day SL Photo challenge just to kick myself into blog-mode and was happy to read in Strawberry Singh’s latest meme, that Vanessa Blaylock over at IRez.me has declared the month of June as Avatar Blogger month. You can read the entirety of the article here, and this is an excerpt from her article:

30 posts in 30 days. It’s easier than it sounds! Don’t think you’re writing the great novel! Just a simple post a day. A short post. A photo post. Any post. 30 posts in 30 days.

Not sure if I can merge my 30 day thing with their 30 day challenge, I hope its okay to. IRez.me is full of virtual inspiration not just from the SL point of view but includes other worlds as well (YAY FOR MINECRAFT) sorry for the caps, really..I put my geekdom to sleep now ok.

As far as today’s image, going to flat out admit that the hair I chose to wear, gave me fits all morning long and still wondering if its my graphics card wearing out, or the actual hair. Contemplation continueth. Just to be fair, image 2 wasn’t edited except for cropping and collage, so you can see where some of the curls in the mesh isn’t working right.. at least for me anyway :/

Lets see, Favorite colors. I guess for today it would be purple and blue! (like a big lovely bruise!!) Or lets see how about, orchid and ocean blue, that’s probably a lot more classier 😉

Thanks for dropping by and do visit IRez.me for more information about Avatar Blogger Month!

image 2… curls either hacking into my pixel flesh, or… its time to upgrade 😦

Featured Items:

Dress> Baiastice Summer Mini Dress in blue Available @ TDR Fusion 

Headpiece> Finesmith’s Botanic Wreath in merlot

Hairdid> Pelle’s Emilia Mesh Hair in black [New!] Available @ Pelle Main Store

Skin> Pink Fuel’s Alyx in peach / Blue Eye Shadow 1

Makeup> Pink Fuel’s Light Classic Lipstick in Orchid w/ teeth

Eyes> Ikon’s Destiny Eyes in Black Available @ TLC’s The Boutique

Hands> Slink’s Casual

Nails> Orc Inc. French Gloss Set (for Slink Avatar Enhancement System)

Feet> Gos Boutique Barefeet / Flat

Poses> !bang carefree series

Windlight> Annan Adored Tan Skin (I messed around with some settings but this was the starting point)

Location> Ehukai Beach- Northshore Beach and Pipeline, Oahu



  1. Hiya Bumblebee! Thanks for mentioning our little LEA11 “Avatar Blogger Crossfit” project. For sure merge anything with anything! We’ve really managed to scare peeps with the 30 in 30 thing! haha, I still think it’s not that hard (like I know anything) but the most important thing is to think of it like your workout at an RL gym – we’ve got personal trainers and aerobics classes and even cheerleaders… but in the end it’s really about your goals. You’re the only one who can set the goals, and it’s your own achievement that matters. So please do join in and LOOKIE, it’s already a success since I hadn’t seen your lovely blog before and now, HERE I AM READING IT! 🙂


  2. Yay! I’m going to do the Irez challenge too! I guess I just blog…I haven’t had any more info since I committed to do it *shrugs*


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