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How ‘I’ post events on the Second Life Community Pages..

It’s Monday… and Strawberry Singh has issued a challenge that has us all scraping all the neurons in our brain to come up with material. At least that’s what I’m doing! No really, so far every tut I’ve read or watched are all awesome, and makes mine seem paltry by comparison.. you could find this information on SL’s website for heaven’s sake. But notice I titled this, how ‘I’ post events on the Community Pages rather than, how Rand Linden does 🙂 (So its a bit of a read.. if you make it to the end, you get sweeties okay? okay.)

1. I post events for a couple of groups and will be using one of them for the examples. So, if you are posting for a group, you will need to have group/estate permissions and only the group owner/officers can issue them via the Group Info Window>Roles>Allowed Abilities>Parcel Powers

Like this:

image 1

2. Then Log in to your Dashboard and Find the Community Events Page under the Community Tab>Events. Click Submit New Event. You will be prompted to read the terms and agreements. Click I agree.

image 2

3. Posting Events that require Weeklies, Bi-Weeklies, Monthlies or a set amount of days.

  • Only 5 posts a day are allowed for an avatar.
  • Event Name line  will need to be different for each post. I usually change the way the dates are spelled… (May 15th to June 8th… or May 15 through June 8. Something always has to be different or it will give you a duplication error)
  • Event Name Format:    Name of Event             Dates       ‘@’         Region Name
  •  Remember to use the ‘@‘ sign, before you type the region name
  •  24 hour events need to be split into 12 hours with a 12 hour duration.. see the peekture!

image 3

4. The Description will need to be different in each post as well to prevent a duplication error. For some reason, apostrophes and Second Life website forms don’t mesh well together and you will get an error, so word your descriptions without apostrophes. This may happen in the Event Name area as well.

image 4

TIP> I use Google DOCS to store my event descriptions. Its faster for me because I can do this on any computer with internet access. You can see that I have several event descriptions to cover at least 2 weeks worth. This is a screenshot from my Google Drive.

image 5

5. Click Save Event near the bottom of the Description box ( See Image 4)  if you are satisfied with your post. The Next screen that should pop up is this:

image 6

6. If you’re not completely satisfied with the post, you always have the option of editing them (See the above img to see where to get back to the edit screen). Only you can edit your posts.

7. That’s basically it! Like I mentioned earlier, the Knowledge base has the main tutorial based on the SL Viewer, and here is the link. As you can tell from my in world pictures, I use a different viewer, but the process is the same.

People ask me all the time if this method of marketing is effective and I still have mixed feelings as to ‘what’ is the magical formula. For those who measure the metrics, more power to you 🙂 Second Life has given us tools to reach out to the community, that is good. But the effectiveness of posting Events in the Community Pages could be debated for days.

Ever since I have started blogging, I’ve found that half of my friends don’t realize there is a vibrant and active community OFF line, through blogs, social media and the like. They do however notice the Community Pages and for me that is reason enough to continue doing what I do.

So you made it to the end of this long read!  Here’s your sweeties thank you so much for stopping by and I hope everything was as clear as mud :/

Be sure to check in on Strawberry Singh website to read the latest entries for this challenge! 



  1. I post events weekly for the sets I host. I usually steal my blurbs from stuff I’ve posted on Facebook, then just edit for any event change or which DJ I’m working with. 😀 Different storage medium – same principal! It’s a great cheat!


    • yep anything to make the process painless. Actually there was a time I had to do all my posting from my rl work and facebook was taboo’d otherwise I would do the same thing.. thats when we moved all our club documents to google drive..

      ahh sl entertainment..its the life lol!! Where do you host??? I would love to come visit!


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