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L2S #14 The Magic of PicMonkey

I was going to post this late last night and call it “L2S #14 Blog de’ Insomnia” or some rubbish like that :/ But no, got my 6 hours of sleep in and spent the morning reading all of your awesome and cool posts 😛

Up until April, I had never heard of PicMonkey. I’m so glad I did and now just a bit closer to signing up for Royale. There are quite a few effects that I’ve grown fond of. I could learn their equivalent on PSE surely. PicMonkey has that easy-ism factor for me. I call it the “Too-lazy-to-learn-Adobe-Anything” syndrome. Yessss judge me judge me lol, its all good 😀

Left Image Effect Here

Right Image Effect Here

The pieces I chose  are of course from The World Goth Fair, and am glad this event is gaining more traction on the SL Blogosphere. Elysium Hynes has written this poignant article covering the Fair as well as some history behind the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, of which all the proceeds from the Fair will go to. Do click on the hyperlinks to have a closer look at each featured item.

Unabashedly, un-shamefully admitting to manipulating snapshots from my SL, I proudly declare this post, complete.

Have a great rest of the week fellow lurkers 🙂

[raw img]

Featured Items:

Dress> the muses’ Mourning  in violet Available @ The World Goth Fair

Jewelry> lassitude & ennui Macabre Jewelry Available @ The World Goth Fair;

  Kosh Ephiphany Bracelet (Comes in 2 parts, for hand or for wrists)

Hairdid> Mina’s Gaia in black

Skin> Tuli’s Sultry Helena in powder

Hands> Slink’s Casual Mesh Hands

Nails> Pin Me Down Nail Appliers Available @ The World Goth Fair 

Eyes> Mayfly Deep Sky Mesh Eyes in Monet Night w2

Makeup> Essences Hangover Liner #3; Tuli’s Deviant Maverick lip gloss

Poses> aDORKable’s Ella #7;

              Katink’s Female Pose #1 Prize for The Runway Perfect Hunt  (Each prize is 5L. Katink’s prize also includes the draped background prop w/ 10 textures to choose from)



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